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DIY time: Dog-friendly Peanut Butter!

Mummy has wayyyy too much time on her hands these days.
So, she decided to DIY more items for us!
Pecan’s wondering what’s on the menu today.

Sniffing out the ingredients as we make a wild guess.
Yaps, we’re making Dog-friendly Peanut Butter today!
Mummy used to give us store-bought peanut butter. However, it can get a bit tricky choosing the right one as many of them contain unhealthy preservatives (especially xylitol) that can be harmful to dogs.
So what’s the best solution for someone who has too much time on her hands – DO IT YOURSELF!
“Can we apply it to our favourite donut toy too?”
#pecan’sstupidityisrubbingoffme #thisisaBADsign
Mummy found a recipe online and modified it a tad.
She added our favourite coconut oil to boost the taste and of course, for added benefits too.
The process is as straightforward as it looks. 
Simply put all the ingredients in a blender and blend and blend and blend and blend.
And Wa-la~ you get yummy peanut butter!
Our stupid Mummy actually forgot to roast the peanuts and was wondering why the colour of her first batch was so light.
#pawpalm #canbemorebluranot #somethingsosimplealsocannotfollow #winliao #don’ttellherwecomplained
When she finally realised, she quickly put her remaining two packets of peanuts into the oven. 
Google told her to roast them at 180degrees for 15-20minutes.
However, within 10 minutes, a strong burnt smell was coming out of the kitchen.
To her horror, she found quite a bit of the peanuts burnt.
#canbemorefailedanot #shesaiditwasgoogle’sfault #excuses
Thankfully there were enough nuts to go around.
Else we would have #$!#%!$! her.
The final product after 10 minutes of blending – creamy peanut butter.
We were stuck at the chunky phase for quite a while. 
Don’t give up! 
Blend on and you will get there. Eventually.
Our very own peanut butter – aka Pee-nut Butter!
We’ve plenty of mason jars lying around the house (our mummy is a shopaholic, remember?) and that worked great for storing and keeping it fresh!
First lick!
#nowearenotkissing #thereisaspoonthere
Okay, this angle is much better!
Not only is Pee-nut butter outrageously delicious, do you know that it can be beneficial to our health too?
Of course, do give it in moderation. 
In addition, some dogs may be allergic/intolerant to peanuts. So do suss that out before giving it to your pooches.
Pecan’s working on it.
We ain’t quite sure how long our Pee-nut Butter can keep.
Considering the fact that there isn’t any preservatives in it, we probably will not keep it for more than a month to be on the safe side.
That being said, we seriously doubt that it will live to see the weekend!
Our high on Pee-nut Butter faces!
Mummy’s note: The Pee-nut butter seriously smelt delish! Took a few taste as usual and it was pretty decent. I certainly won’t mind spreading it on my toast for brekkie. Okay, maybe with a pinch of salt for a tad of favour. But the dogs adored it and kept begging for more!

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