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Made with Love: DIY Dog Toothpaste

Mummy is very particular about our day-to-day hygiene and health.
One thing that she takes pride in, is how she manages to brush our pearly whites.
Not just that. 
She does it EVERYDAY. Religiously.
#sheprobablywishesthatwecanbrushitourselves #sorrywedonothaveopposablethumbs
PS: Ah ma got stinky breath, so I sit far far away.

I started brushing my teeth when I was just a two month old puppy.
Since the habit started really young, I am actually very fond of it.
I am 6 this year, and judging from the condition of my teeth, I’m very confident to say that there is no need for any scaling anytime soon.
#thevetswhoIseearealwaysveryimpressed #importanceofbrushingteeth 
(Okay la, Mummy thinks raw bones play a larger part, but that’s for another day/another post)
Pecan, on the other hand, is almost bo-gay (toothless) after two scaling sessions to rid her of her bad (BAD, BAD) breath. 
Now, her breath is way better. And to ensure that she doesn’t have to go under anesthesia in future, Mummy is doing her best to keep those remaining teeth clean and tartar free. 
Not every dog enjoys the process.
I for one, like it much more that Pecan does.
Nonetheless, the secret to getting us to like (ME)/ tolerate (ah ma) the process – the tasty toothpaste!
While Mummy loves the toothpaste, she can’t help but wonder if she could make some on her own. 
Nothing a quick google can’t solve!
She found this online recipe and decided to give it a shot.
The recipe called for salt but considering the amount of salt that is already present in the beef cube, Mummy decided to omit that.
Mummy even bought a parsley plant for fresh on-demand herbs (for this and future treats).
#shedonothavegreenfingerslor #wonderhowlongtheplantwilllast #igiveitonemonth
I don’t quite like how it smells, but Pecan doesn’t seem to mind.
All you’ve to do is mixed it all together.
Until you get the consistency you wanted!
#notthemostappetizinglookingthingoutthat #itisokay #wehavehadworst
Time to whip out our toothbrushes!
Nope, we don’t share one. 
#weusedtolor #cosourmummyischeapo
Pecan with her toothbrush.
Mummy used to buy the dog toothbrush, before realising that kids’ toothbrushes work just as well and just at a fraction of the price!
Plus, they are wayyy cuter.
Taste Brush test time!
Old ladies first.
My turn.
There goes.
Pecan absolutely hated it (HAHAHAHA) and certainly wanted nothing to do with it after that. 
As for me, I was okay with it, but much prefer the store-bought one. 
Mummy’s quite pleased with the outcome and how easy it is to make. 
Most importantly, it is very budget friendly!
Anyway, yeah to good teeth!
Mummy’s note: I kept it overnight in an air tight container in fridge and found a film of oil the next day (probably from the beef cube). I just poured that away and went back to using it. While the store-bought one is way more convenient (and more popular), this is certainly the more economical one of the two. So I will probably just rotate between the two to mix things up a little for my two fussy pups.

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