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Made with love (once again) – Dehydrated treats!

We got busy with Mummy’s newest toy…
a dehydrator!
To be exact, it’s a Rommelsacher Automatic Dehydrator.

This isn’t our first dehydrator. We used to have one that Mummy brought back from the states.
Too bad for us, it gave way while it was chucked away in storage during our move.
So, that gave Mummy a new reason to go shopping.
#mouldyliao #mummyjustwantedareasontobuyanicerone
There really isn’t many options for affordable dehydrators locally.
Many of the meat dehydrators range in the high $700s. 
On the other hand, way cheaper ones are available on online stores. However, they don’t come with warranty and that kinda worries Mummy a little.
Thus, to be safe (especially since the devices have to be left on for many hours), Mummy decided to invest in a decent one that isn’t too extravagant nor take up too much counter space.
#itissmallenoughthatwecanevenfitinthebox #wheregotdogseeboxsohappyone #showingourinnercat
Wondering what we are going to dehydrate?
#pecanisadumbblondeindeed #howtodehydrateacupcake 
I just need opposable thumbs to help me slice this chunky meat up.
#ofcoursenotla #justkidding
Here’s what’s on the menu!
“What do you mean that we have to wait 9 hours?”
It’s been so long that I’ve completely forgot about the waiting time.
#shockedface #pecanhasnosenseoftime
Mummy’s most dreaded part – prepping the meat for dehydrating.
She rolled the minced meat into little balls (about the size of kibbles) while thinnly slicing the rest. 
A pinch of parsley was added on top of the strips for an extra pizzazz. 
#weofferedtohelplor #shesaywecannotbetrusted
And after waiting ever so patiently (it took 9 hours and Mummy left it overnight to cool), 
here are the final products – Chick-in-strips, Sam’s non-existent (beef) balls and Pecan’s duck strings!
#waituntilournecklonglongliao #mummytryingtobecreativewithnames #failla
Keeping my eyes on the prize.
We waited patiently while Mummy took her own sweet time to take pics.
#thefloorwetfromourdroolliao #luckythevinyliswaterproof
Practising ‘leave it’.
And as usual, once Mummy gave us the go-ahead, everything was history.
Okay, almost everything.
Mummy packed the remaining away and kept them in a fridge.
#rationingshesay #stingywesay
Compared to our previous cheapo dehydrator, this model is really worth every single cent.
It comes with 3 different temperature settings and a built-in timer for up to 12 hours.
Mummy was initially concerned that the maximum temp setting (60degrees) wasn’t enough to thoroughly dehydrate the meat.
But that was not an issue as the strips were crisp and snapped easily at the end of 9 hours.
If you’re concerned that the temperature isn’t high enough to kill pathogens/bacteria, you can certainly toss the treats into the oven (150degrees) for ten minutes.
#mummytoolazyofcourse #weateitformanydaysandstillalivesothisbatchokay
“Can I get up and eat now?”
#dogabuseleh #stoptorturingme #letmeeat
Thanks Auntie A, Auntie K and Uncle CH for the gift card to help Mummy, I mean, Daddy offset half the cost!
Our little tummies are seriously dancing in joy.

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