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Sam’s Pick – Ewegurt

Mummy loves me to the moon and back and would never push me away no matter what I do.
Well, almost. 
There is just one tiny little thing that will send her running away (and also pretty much empty the room in seconds) – my fart bombs.
#yapIamsamthefartingmachine #myfartsarepotent #sorrynotsorry
So when Uncle ZK from Platinum Pets dropped us a message to find out if we were keen to give Ewegurt a shot, Mummy jumped at it without any hesitation.

Mummy has been giving us yoghurt as an occasional treat for a while now. 
While Pecan ah ma does great on it, the store bought yoghurt results in runny poops and (to mummy’s horror) added potency to my ‘almost-fatal’ bombs. 
So, Mummy was keeping her fingers crossed that Ewegurt would do the opposite – help settle my sensitive tummy while providing probotics to help with my digestion.
We were quite surprised when the packaging arrived.
As it is branded as Sheep’s Milk Yoghurt Based Treats for Dogs, Mummy was expecting it to come in one of two possible forms – either like our typical yoghurt or like biscuit treats.
Instead, it comes in the freeze dried form. Apparently, this avoids nutrition loss. 
Plus, it extends the shelf life of the product.
The normal yoghurt we have in the fridge can last no longer than a month. On the other hand, this packet of treats can last us up to 2018.
We took a quick look at the ingredient list and were very pleased that we actually knew every single ingredient!
Besides Sheep’s Milk Yoghurt, it also contains Organic Coconut Oil, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, Parsley, Kale, Beets and Sardines – many ingredients that have been found to be beneficial to dogs!
All you need is water to rehydrate it. 
Alternatively, it can be sprinkled over food. 
We were so READY for the taste test!
Sniff test first.
Honestly, Mummy was a little unsure if we will take to it.
We love meat. (Like LOVE)
But we can be rather picky if the main ingredient isn’t meat.
So Mummy wasn’t sure if we would even go for it.
I got the first eat!
#ofcoursela #seemysocialstandingathomeishigherthanahma
For a dog my size (i weigh 6.7kg), I get one tablespoon of ewegurt rehydrated with one tablespoon of water.
Wondered if I liked it?
Not enough somemore. 
Pecan’s turn!
#ahameatsogentle #pretendone
To Mummy’s delight, we took to it immediately.
She was a little cautious that it could be just a novel thing (Like new things anybody also like ma). 
But we proved her wrong when we went gaga over it every time she takes it out.
We got our paws on it in Mid-june and have been taking it on alternate days for the past couple of weeks.
While my bombings haven’t ceased, Mummy did notice that the farts are less on days when I do take it.
#problemsolved #Imissmyfarts
Interestingly, besides working wonders for dogs with sensitive and upset tummies, Ewegurt has be shown to be beneficial in supporting relaxation and helping dogs sleep better (This is tough to tell for us cos we sleep like pigs all the time anyway).
It even promotes positive moods.
While the emotional benefits weren’t extremely obvious to us, Mummy was really quite pleased with it’s fart-eliminating powers!
#boohoohoo #Ilostmyweapon
Oh well, at least it taste good and my not-so-little tummy is happy.
Thank you Uncle ZK and Platinum Pets for introducing this yummy treats to us!
PS: Sorry we took so long to post this!
#ourmummyisaprocrastinator #weblamemummy

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