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Our home – work in progress!

So, we finally got the keys to our new place in February this year and reno works started in March.
Welcome to our new un-done place!

We’re really excited to move in.
Come on, just look at our new improved view. How can you not be excited?
Now staying at home won’t be as boring as it used to be!
As our new apartment is a resale unit, there is a substantial amount of renovation works that needed to be done.
And again, Mummy is kinda demanding.
#poordaddy #hispocketsemptyliao
The before.
#mummyreallydislikesthehideousmarbletiles #butwelikeleh
As our parents will be up their necks in work over the next few months, we offered to be the project managers for the reno!
We sniffed around to see what works needed to be done and did our best to convey it to our contractor.
Work in progress!
Yap, we are literally tearing everything apart.
#howcanmummythinkthattisisnotamajorreno #delusionmummy
To ensure that the works are up to our standards, we popped by frequently for site checks.
Besides checking on the progress, we were tasked with the job of selecting tiles…
The chosen ones!
And paint!
We even donned our painters’ hats as we were ready to get our paws dirty to paint the house too!
The most exciting part of all, of course is the..
Yap, I bought us a new bed.
It’s a Wooof Fleepy Bed from the Vanillapup!
So nice hor.
Until the stupid old lady tried to squeeze in with me.
#idontwanttoshare #asktheahmatomoveawayleh
Oh well, luckily the cushy bed fits two!
We’re currently at the last leg of the reno.
And hopefully we will be in our new place by June.
Stay tuned for the final product soon!

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