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Sam’s Pick – My Pet IC (Version II)

Remember when we showed off our very own Identification Cards last year? 
Guess what?
After almost a year, it was time to change ICs!
And gosh, how timely it is as we could actually update our address to our new place!
#youchangeICwhenyouhit30 #wechangeourseveryyear 
Yap, My Pet IC refreshed the design of their IC tags and was really awesome to send each of us a new ICs!

We were really excited to check out the new version!
Wait Mummy, we should have the first look.
#don’tcutqueuemummy #letusseefirst
Showing off our new tags!
We really liked the first version but agreed that there was room for improvement.
Hence, we were really thrilled to see how the new ones addressed some of our earlier concerns.
For one, it’s smaller in size and appears sturdy. So we needn’t worry that it might snap during rough and tumble.
The tag now hangs horizontal (as opposed to vertical initially). With that, even when the ring remains the same size, the tag doesn’t hang too low.
And our favourite new features: our actual paw print (Mummy sent these photos over) and a tag line that best describes us.
Can guess who is who?
#aiyasoeasy #can’tgetitwronghor #smackyourbuttisyouguesswrong
The answer!
Now that we are confident that the tags can withstand the wild ways of a JRT, we just had to bring them out for a ‘road test’.
While the size is smaller, Mummy was still a little unsure if we would feel bothered by it as it is larger than our usual tags.
Of course, we didn’t give a hoot about it at all.
In fact, it moved as if it was part of us!
#flyingpecan #flyingIC #samandpecanapproved
And it even falls nicely in place when Pecan ah ma hops around.
The tag also flew along with the faster and more agile me.
It even moved nicely when I did my signature ball catch!
#machiamitispartofme #goodtiming #mummyisn’tthatbadaphotographerafterall
Decided to ditch my solemn face and put on a cheeky pleased face.
#buthowcomeIlookfathere #hengthisisn’tmyICphoto #elseIwillbedamnsad
After a trip to the park, we even brought our ICs to a dog-friendly cafe to chill with us.
#machiamtheICsareourpets #timeforbooze
Relaxing in style.
Checking out pretty girls (my cup of tea) and handsome hunks (Pecan the cougar).
The tags totally survived our day out and we even got compliments from other pet owners on how cute they were!
Thank you Uncle Chit Min for the new ICs!
We’re loving the improved versions and are quite sure that they’re gonna last us for a good while.
PS: My Pet IC is having a giveaway for 3 lucky winners. 
Check out the details here!
Closing date is 30 April 2016.
Do swing over and join the contest.

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