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Meet the Loo Lim Rascals

Remember, there’s no such thing as too many Jacks.

Sam Forest Loo Lim

The ABCD (American Born Chinese Dog)

Sam is the first born of this rascal family. Born in the big apple, this little monster is a true blood New Yorker and spent the first three years of his life terrorizing the streets of Manhattan – making friends with random strangers, peeing on snow and riding the metro. He made the 24 hour flight back half way across the globe when his pawrents relocated back.

He enjoyed a shortlived showbiz career as the 4th Generation Starhub Dog (Sparky) and is the only dog in the gang to have contributed to the household expenses and bragging rights for our pawrents.

Now a dated celebrity, he aims to rule the Loo Lim household (VERY unsuccessfully). He has since worked his ranks into Daddy’s good books and has earned the free pass on everything.

Pecan Woods Loo Lim

The Ah Ma

Adopted when she was 10, Pecan is the Empress Dogwager of the house. She may be small, but she is packed full of personality. From an extremely leash reactive little doggy who would bark at EVERYTHING, this spunky old lady has blossomed into the sweetest old ah ma that is so well loved by all.

Our dearest ah ma lost her battle to Chronic Heart Failure in September 2020. Our hearts are broken, but we are extremely proud of her. This feisty granny put on an amazing fight and managed to celebrate her 17th birthday before throwing in the towel.

She will forever be our favourite ah ma. Our very beloved Pee-kee-kee.

Shelly Blackwood Loo Lim

The forgotten child (one part of the Russian Twins)

Imported from Russia, Shelly joined the gang in 2018 and has been ranked Mummy’s least favourite kiddo for the third year running. Often neglected as she is too easy and does not require much maintenance, Shelly is the happiest and most affectionate JRT in this household. She has the strongest prey instinct of the lot and loves nothing as much as her games of fetch.

Don’t let her goofiness and silliness fool you, Shelly is an accomplished Show Dog and has achieved the Singapore Champion title in 2018. She has since retired and is enjoying life bullying Sherman.

Sherman Redwood Loo Lim

The Black Jack (the other part of the Russian Twins)

Also imported from Russia, the latest addition to the family, Sherman is named after one of Mummy’s favourite comic strip – Sherman’s Lagoon (you can kinda guess how old she is from this). Weighing in at 8.9kg (on a good day), he is a GRT – Giant Russell Terrier -, not JRT. Due to his size, he has had a failed show dog career and has since been forced retired without attaining any titles (that are not given by default) .

Possibly the quietest JRT you will meet, Sherman is a also true blue shark – EVERYTHING goes into his big mouth. So, watch your hands around him. He loves food, swimming and is obsessed with just one thing – Mummy. He is currently plotting on killing Daddy and taking over as the head of the household.

Pippin Tree Loo Lim

The Fiesty Tripod

Adopted from Voices From Animals (VFA), Pippin was rescued from a puppy mill. Born with a deformed limp, she never let her disabilities hold her back a bit. A cross between a bunny and kangaroo, this little girl has hopped her way into the hearts of many.

From chasing after pigeons with a vengeance, howling every time someone close the window, hiding her toys in the pee tray to keep it away from Shelly, Pippin came out of her shell over the course of the year she was with us. What a blast it was discovering her many quirks and getting to know her!

Pippin gained wings and left us on April 2018. She may be gone, but she will never forgotten.

Pan the Ham Loo Lim

The Daredevil

Pan the Ham lives life on the edge by being the only hammy in a house full of terrors, erm, we meant terriers. A lone Dwarf Winter White (technically his colour is pudding), he resides in his own mansion surrounded by tons of bedding, an awesome wheel and an endless supply of nuts, fruits and his very favourite, freeze dried chicken.

Taunting his dog siblings has become one of his favourite past time, with stuffing nuts and food in his pouch a close second. To his dog siblings, he is the best thing ever. After all, he is their very own ‘live’ hamster TV.