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Day at the beach!

It’s been a while since we shared photos of us having fun outdoors.
So she decided to bring her camera along on our day out at Tanjong beach.

It’s a small doggie party!
Yap, Juosta and Maneul from the Wooga gang came along too!
Oh and we met Li Bai the Spitz.
“Mummy, I hope you remember to bring my toy.”
Of course she did!
Wondering where my usual helpless Monkey is?
Well, Mummy, being the cheapo and lazy person she is, is against bringing the monkey to the beach.
It’s too expensive to be swept away (when I give up) she says. More importantly, she doesn’t want to get wet to reclaim it.
#whogoestothebeachanddontwanttogetwetone #sheisweird
So instead, she got me addicted to the donut toy!
Works either way.
Like how she treats Monkey, I don’t get to see or play with the donut toy else where. This way, it keeps the toy really exciting to fetch when I’m at the beach.
As for Pecan ah ma, she pretty much retrieves any floating toy she can get her mouth on.
She even stole my donut lor.
Mummy is crazy about Juosta and is seriously plotting how to dog nap him.
#becarefulAuntieAshley #crazydogladyatlarge #stalkerladytakingsomanyphotosofhimla
“Mummy, a rat stole my toy!”
We also noticed that Pecan ah ma looks grumpy when she swims!
What a contrast from her usual happy face.
“Throw my toy.”
Crazy terriers at large!
“Ah, the water too salty la.”
“Shall scoop it up with my paws instead.”
Pecan ah ma is beyond crazy happy at the beach. 
She will just keep bouncing on the sand (like a siao zhabor).
Sometimes Mummy wonders if she will have a cardiac arrest from how crazy she is.
To ensure that we do not get over exhausted, Mummy limits our beach outings to no more than an hour each time.
After all, we really won’t stop until she tears us away from the beach.
In fact, Pecan ah ma knocks out the moment she is in her car seat.
As for me, I’ll just give Mummy a stoned face till we get home to my bed and we are pooped out for the rest of the day.
With the recent leptospirosis scare going around, Mummy is quite glad that we love the sea as much as we love the pools. 
In fact, our parents even bought the Islander membership to save on entrance fees knowing how frequent we come.
Compared to going to the pools (where we end up spending up to $28 for two of us to swim for an hour), we spend just $3 for parking!
#soeconomicalla #exactlywhatmycheapomummywants
Washing up is still a pain in the arse though.
Both for us and Mummy.

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