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Freezy Pups!

Auntie Charmaine went on a holiday to Hong Kong and came back with a gift just for Pecan ah ma and myself!
We were super excited when we got our paws on it! 
It’s Freezy Pups!
She’s really generous as well. She could’ve just gotten us the tray and the four sample packs. But she was such a darling and actually bought us not one, not two, but FOUR boxes of refill packs.
*Wriggly dance*
Oh, ah ma says she loves you too.
Happy dogs waiting for yummy and cooling treats!
We were spoilt for choice as the starter kit came with four different flavors!
Picking one wasn’t difficult. I simply chose my favorite color – Orange (chicken soup recipe)!
It is so fuss-free that we could’ve done it without Mummy! 
Simply dissolve the entire packet in hot water and we were done!
Of course we needed Mummy’s help to distribute the portions evenly into the tray.
And then the horrid news came. 
We had to wait at least 10 hours.
I guess this is pretty expected when you’ve a lazy mom.
So we spent the next 10 hours lazing around.
And lazing around. 
And when the clock struck twelve, I couldn’t care less and with my bed hair, I stared Mummy down. 
Ah ma was super slow and was still engaging in her waking routine while I attempted to get Mummy’s attention. (Must scratch here, scratch there, lick here, lick there. Yucks)
Mummy got the hint and strolled to the freezer, took out the tray and headed back to her couch potato posture. 
Just when I was about to flare up, Mummy mentioned that it was recommended to leave the tray outside for a good four minutes before trying to remove the little freezy pups from the tray.
And the longest four minutes of my life finally ended and viola~ 
our orange chicken-soup flavored Freezy Pups were ready!
By allowing it to ‘rest’ for a while, each of the treats easily popped out of the tray. 
On a downside, they were melting rather quickly too.
Silly Pecan has clearly forgotten about our pact on photographing with food items that melt: we were not supposed to smile. 
I gently tugged her to remind her and…
she instantly put on a grumpy face. 
Well done ah ma, well done.
Seeing that she wasn’t gonna get the shot she would like, our resigned Mummy called it a day and started giving us our very own Freezy Pups!
Yet another victory for Sam & Pecan.
Pecan ah ma is possibly the least lady-like female dog I’ve met. 
The way she eats is just…..
tsk tsk tsk.
No wonder she is single and grumpy. 
As for me, I put on my best manners and gracefully licked my Freezy pup, enjoying each lick as it goes. 
The Freezy pups were seriously tasty and we loved it!
Too bad for us, Mummy read the instruction packet on a whim and realized that we were only allowed two a day based on our weight.
Simi Sai!
My heart broke as I saw Mummy packing the extras one after another into a box before finally sealing it and placing the entire box into the freezer.
What a waste~
Hee, I sure hope it hits the stores in Singapore soon, so that I can get endless supply of freezy pups every weekend! 
Thanks Auntie Char for remembering us in HK!!! 
Come by next time and I’ll offer you one some!


  1. Hi Grace,i just checked with my friend! Unfortunately, she mentioned that the store that she brought from was closing down that weekend. =P So, prob won't have any anymore. Maybe can buy online? Sorry about that!


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