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Our newest toy – An Instax Share Printer!

So Mummy had her eyes on an Instax Share printer for a long loooong while.
The only thing was that it was a little costly.
And when she finally couldn’t take it anymore, she sent Daddy the link and requested for him to buy it for her as a gift.
And that almost THREE weeks ago.
Everyday for three weeks, Mummy would come home expecting a parcel for her. 
But it never came.
Cos Daddy kept forgetting.
Mummy would always end up disappointed and proceed to nag Daddy to buy it soon.
Tsk tsk tsk
“Daddy, how can like that?”
*Disapproving looks*
And when Mummy surprised Daddy with a PS4, he must have felt like shit and quickly got around to buying the printer.
(See la~ Guilty then buy. PUI~)
Within two days, the printer arrived!
As usual, we were pretty excited whenever there’s a box!
Can’t wait to find out what’s in it.
We’re keeping our paws crossed that it’s treats.
When Mummy opened it, I was in disbelief.
Even ransacking the box didn’t help! 
There was NOTHING!
Oh well, at least Mummy did give us a few treats to reward us.
Anyway, the instax share printer is pretty cool! If you’ve a Fujifilm instant camera, you need to get rid of it and purchase this IMMEDIATELY!
Using an Instax share app, Mummy could print any pictures she captured using her iPhone camera in a polaroid.
How amazing is that?!
Plus, it’s really easy to use too.
The setup is quick and it’s a breeze to use.
Simply turn on the printer, connect to the printer’s network on your phone, go to the app, choose the pic and print it!
Within seconds, it will be out!
After Mummy’s demo, Pecan ah ma insisted on trying it out!
(Didn’t know an old lady can be techie too.)
Doing some QC.
The quality of the polaroids is pretty good! While it isn’t as good as a normal photo, it is wayyyyy better than any shots that Mummy had taken using her instax camera. 
More importantly, no more red eyes in the pictures regardless of how dark the background is!
(shhh..Mummy has a horrid habit of using a black marker to dot our eyes in polaroids and that makes us look…. weird)
In just ten minutes, Mummy printed these many!!!
In just two days, here’s the final count!
Yap, Mummy is officially addicted to it. 
The last I heard, she’s out of film and told Daddy to buy her some.
I sure hope it’s not gonna take one month for it to arrive… (We really don’t want to hear her nag for that long!)

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