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Daddy’s new toy

Mummy had to work late and tasked Daddy to watch over us for the evening. 
However, stupid Daddy actually ditched us at Grandmummy’s and by the time Mummy came home, she was rather pissed to find us missing.
Yap, there was no welcome dance from me and Pecan.
To make things worse for Daddy, Mummy actually bought him a big pressie.
So when he saw the present, he let out an apologetic and sheepish smile.
Stupid Daddy.
Just to make sure that we didn’t miss out on the surprise, Daddy actually waited for us to return home to unveil the present.
We were elated to see such a huge box!
“Is it a box full of treats?!?”
Daddy: “It’s not edible! And it’s mine!”
For once, the exciting item that came through our door wasn’t for us.
Oh well…
And we weren’t sure if we were allowed to use the contents of the box.
And when Daddy said yes, we couldn’t wait to find out what the amazing item was. 
I mean, it’s not everyday we see Daddy grinning from ear to ear.
(He usually puts on a resigned face)
We waited patiently while Daddy set it up.
Unfortunately there was only one controller in the set. And being the boy of the household, of course I had the ‘right’ to hang on to it.
Besides, Pecan ah ma was contented just sitting next to see to catch the action.
Pity the setup took a tad long. 
(Stupid Daddy forgot his password)
We quickly got bored as Daddy took forever to reset his password and eventually trotted off.
We found Mummy in the kitchen and conspired to put on our best begging faces.
Of course, we got a chew treat each. Satisfied with our ‘steal’, we happily retreated to our little corner to munch on it. 
So I guess there are three happy souls at home today!
In fact, we are definitely the biggest winners tonight and we’re certainly looking forward to Daddy’s late gaming night..
cos that means, we have his side of the bed to ourselves!

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