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Cole turns O-N-E!

I attended my very first dog birthday party for the year!!
Of course I came dressed for the occasion!
It’s Cole’s birthday!!!
This charming fellow officially turned one-year-old (even though he weighs x3 of me!)!
Welcome to adulthood dude..
The party was held at Paw Pet-radise Cafe.
Cole’s awesome Daddy booked the whole place for two hours for us to create havoc!
Besides being a closed door event, there was some yummy finger food for the humans and paw food just for dogs!
The party was really relaxing and we pretty much just spent our time…
sniffing butts,
Making new friends.
Meet Smiggle, the American Cocker Spaniel, who secretly has a crush on me, maybe because I’m American too.
Sorry babe but I’m taken.
Goofing around.
Bunny Sam wishes you Happy Easter~
Most importantly, 
begging for food.
I started with a more subtle attempt by sitting around where food is.
Was a little surprised that my charms didn’t work. 
Mummy said it was because I already had three meatballs.
Where got enough?? 
I’m a growing boy, k.
To up my success rate, I decided to join forces with the Birthday Boy.
Still failed~
Final resort….
shameless begging!
The birthday cake came in the form of a cupcake tower!
Interesting isn’t it?
Was a little disappointed that we didn’t sing him a birthday song! I was all ready to put my lovely vocals to use. 
Oh well~
I loved that the cake was easy and quick to divide (not to mention delicious too) and I ended up with TWO!
By the end of the party, my not-so-little cute tummy was bulging.
The final count of what I ate…
*drum rolls*
5 Meatballs, 4 Lung cake and one birthday cupcake!
Life is good man~~
In case you’re wondering, we had to leave Pecan ah ma at home as she does not do well in tight spaces with a lot of dogs. 
But though she was left behind with Daddy, she was not forgotten!
The ‘aunty’ in Mummy came to good use as she did remember to pack some yummy food back for the greedy ah ma!
Thank you Uncle Bryan for inviting us and Happy birthday once again Cole!!!
We’re absolutely looking forward to our very next dog birthday party. 
And maybe if we continue to be good doggies, our parents might plan something awesome for us in September (Ah ma’s birthday)!

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