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Our lives through an iPhone – Sam @ Work

When Mummy broke her S3 on purpose, erm, accidentally, she knew she just had to get an iPhone again.
And boy, I’m sure glad she did!
Especially since, she has started using her iPhone to capture our week! 
It’s quite difficult and certainly impractical to carry her DSLR everywhere she goes. Hence, it’s a real delight that she can now use her phone to capture moments that she might otherwise miss.
Best of all, the images looked great (I mean the model plays a huge part too la~) and certainly blog-worthy! 
So I was wondering, why not start a series of posts of our lives through an iPhone!
Keep a lookout for short entries throughout the week to find out what mischief we have been up to!
Anyway, I lent my paw to Mummy for one of her shoots at work. 
Besides being showered with tons of love by her awesome colleagues, I also caught up with my favorite second favorite (sorry, but Daddy is staring at me from his corner) man in the world, Jager, over coffee.
Mummy got a little bored waiting around and decided to play a game of #Findsammo (totally inspired by Find Momo, which she loves)
Super no kick lor.
Thankfully, she decided to up the ante.
Still so boring.
Oh well, who cares~ I got rewarded for my hard work anyway.
Blending in with the surrounding before calling it a day~
I love tagging along with Mummy for work!! 
In case you’re wondering, Mummy also pimps Pecan ah ma off for photoshoots too. To be on the safe side, Pecan usually does shoots when no other dogs are involved. 
So, yap, be ready to spot Pecan ah ma in the magazine too!!

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