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Our weekend treat – Junk food

It’s time for our weekend treat again!!! 
This week, Mummy got really really lazy and decided to buy something off the shelf. 
Being a sucky for dog-related stuff, Mummy couldn’t resist buying these while at Cold Storage. 
At first glance, Mummy knew that these probably won’t be any good quality treats. But she was bought over by the bowls and decided that they were worth the money anyway.
I got first pick! 
So of course, I’m gonna take ORANGE! Since it is my colour after all.
Plus, it’s cheese flavoured! How to say no.
Pecan ah ma looking pleased with her green bowl!
Plus it’s peanut butter!!
I couldn’t wait any longer and headed straight for the treats the moment Mummy opened it. 
She ended up having to pull me away.
“Noooo..it’s mine!!”  
Enticing isn’t it?
They looked great! 
Pecan ah ma agrees man.
Check out her drool!
Tsk tsk tsk
So un-ladylike.
Unfortunately, a closer look at the packaging showed that these yummy treats were made using fillers that are typically a no-no for dog food. (E.g. I saw wheat, soy and corn!)
Yap, so in two words – Junk Food.
My heart sank immediately.
So much for “Too Good Gourmet”. More like “too bad for me”.
Nonetheless, since it was the weekend, Mummy decided to let it go a little and toss a couple of treats our way!
Thanks Mummy!!!!
Looking forward to our next weekend treat!

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