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Must love Jacks…

Every time someone asks Mummy about why she decided on Jack Russells out of the many breeds, she would let out a resigned sigh, take a deep breath and express regret. Then, she would start ranting about our countless antics, e.g. too hyper, feisty, small-dog-syndrome, blah blah blah. 
What la~
So not fair right?
JRTs are the best breed ever lor. 
So to our defense, let me and Pecan ah ma tell you what an awesome breed we are.
To begin with, we are super intelligent.
So smart so that we can do things on command.
Mummy: “Smile Sam~”
Sam: “Ay ay~”
We can even nod in agreement with your philosophical views.
Nod photo 888ik_zps3cdd1ede.gif
We have the best begging faces.
So please don’t bother saying no to us.
We live life and know the best ways to distress.
Such as by having a drink or two.
(FYI, I’m legal k. I’m four doggie years old, which equates to 28 in human years!)
simply sleeping our lives away on our nice cushion…
though we secretly prefer your bed.
We’ll accommodate your stupid need to play dress up… 
regardless of how ridiculous we look.
In fact, we are so versatile that we are masters of disguise.
Ho ho ho~
We can even pass off as…
(especially useful if you are entertaining guests who are feline lovers)
Or even better…
as BREAD! 
hm…not too sure what noise to make. 
There’s a reason why jumping jacks are named after us.
Cos we jump HIGH~
High enough to reach the countertop to steal food help you prepare dinner.
In case you’re wondering, we do need tons and tons of some exercise… 
But we will reward your hard work of bringing us for walks and runs with the biggest smile you’ll ever see.
Shhhhh..the truth is..we’re just panting. (Don’t tell Mummy!)
We are sturdy little dogs!
Mummy always says that I am made of rubber.
So, feel free to drag us around the house…
Dragging photo 888ci_zpsa4bc72b3.gif
We love water!
Just not the bath that comes right after it.
So pardon our killer stares.
We mean no harm.
With all that said, how can anyone ever resist a JRT?
Mummy’s note: To be honest, I decided on a rough coat Jack Russell Terrier as I wanted a shaggy looking dog. Hence, Sam. I did my fair share of research before settling for him and was somewhat expecting an energizer bunny. Thankfully, with a huge stroke of luck, Sam ended up being a little atypical for a JRT. He does have his crappy moments, but his energy level is only moderate (hallelujah~) and he’s pretty well behaved. Well, I did tell myself that Sam would be my last JRT. And then, I saw Pecan’s picture (She has a striking resemblance to Sam!) and went back on my promise to myself instantly. So, here I am stuck with two JRTs. But hey, I’m pretty happy about it! So, despite my ramblings, I’ve zero regrets!


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