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Made with Love – Carrot Juice and Yoghurt Pupsicles!!

Thanks to Mummy’s willingness to indulge us, we’ve come to expect something special every weekend. (Hee, yap, weekends are my cheat days k!)
Like other Saturdays, we sat around restlessly waiting for something good to pop up in front of us.
But unlike other weekends, half the day had passed and there was still no signs of anything spectacular!
So, we decided to speak up for our rights and demand something from Mummy.
Unable to resist our adorable faces, Mummy finally lifted her butt of the sofa (yes, we are all couch potatoes), walked into the kitchen and whipped out her new toy – Zoku’s Mini Pop Molds!
She also took out a packet of Mixed Carrot Juice and some low-fat yoghurt.
Within seconds, she was done!
(Diao~ we couldn’t understand why she didn’t do it earlier! Especially since it was so easy!! Boooo~)
Well, at least we got to lick the almost empty yoghurt cup clean!
By now, we were so excited and couldn’t wait for the real treat.
Only to be told that…
Mummy needs to figure out home made treats that are more instantaneous. 
Sigh, since patience is virtue, I shall sit tight and pray for the best.
(Chants: it better not be a failed attempt. It better not be…It better not be..)
When Sunday finally came, I spent most of my waking time staring Mummy down.
And slow Mummy eventually got my hint after lunch and magically whipped out two mini pupsicles!
The Zoku mold was pretty cool! Unlike the jelly mould, it was a breeze to remove each of the pop. All Mummy had to do was to push it out gently and viola~
Success is sweeeeetttttt~
We weren’t happy that we had to wait so long for our treat. Hence, me and Pecan ah ma agreed beforehand that we will not give Mummy her ‘happy shot’ today.
Hehe, and Lady Luck was on our side!
Seeing that the pupsicles were melting with our increasing lack of cooperation, Mummy had no choice but to give in to us.
Mummy – 0 versus Sam + Pecan -1212341315123
Ah ma waiting to pounce on her yoghurt pupsicle!
Nothing beats having a nice cool pupsicle on a warm Sunday afternoon!!!
We started licking away on our yoghurt flavored ones..
before moving on to the carrot juice flavored one, which was equally tasty!
It was so darn good that I was constantly giving out my ‘shiok’ and pleased face!!
The only downside of the Zoku mini pops and dog combination was that we couldn’t hold our own pops.
That’s when Daddy came in useful as our pop-stand!
Sigh, yoghurt beards are the best!!
Pecan ah ma didn’t have any though as she was so greedy that she gobbled up her pupsicle in seconds!
Hehe, guess Mummy is on the track of redemption with each successful treat of hers!
Can’t wait to see what’s cooking next weekend!!!!
Meanwhile, I’ll just continue to enjoy my yummy little pop!

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