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Made with Love – Bento for Dogs!

We were a little doubtful when Mummy offered to make us dinner.
I mean, how not to after the traumatic incident of the jelly. The Apple Jelly ended up okay, but its appearance was an appetite killer. 
Hence, we were a little wary about what to expect.
But we did what she told us and collected our bento boxes and handed them to her. 
The truth was… she is after all the hand that feeds us, so we LL (no other choice).
We did feel a little bad when we realized how much effort Mummy went into planning this.
Mummy, being a Daiso Auntie, actually went on a shopping spree just to purchase useless items to decorate our bento. 
(Okay, now, we are seriously getting a little worried…)
Just when we were becoming increasingly uncomfortable about Mummy’s dinner proposition, we discovered a faint light at the end of the tunnel. 
And it came in the form of three lovely ladies! 
Yap, Mummy’s awesome colleagues (including my beloved Mother-in-law) actually swung by to give Mummy a hand.
Pecan ah ma… our dinner got hope liao!
Let’s get started!!!
The ingredients were extremely simple. 
  • Dog friendly veggies (carrots and broccoli)
  • White rice.  Brown rice is better, but lazy Mummy refused to cook rice and instead stole some from Grandmummy’s place the night before. #ourlivessucks #wearefedleftovers
  • Apples and strawberries 
  • Minced Pork
The veggie and pork was cooked in chicken stock soup for just a bit more flavoring.

To ensure even more quality control, I offered a paw. 
And regretted almost immediately. 
So I put on my most pitiful face to get out of it.
Of course it worked.
Being the rascal smarty pants I am, I did my best to steal a couple of snacks just as I was being carried off the countertop.
In the end, I spent most of the time trotting around and supervising the adults.
As for Pecan ah ma, she did what she does best – beg and whine for food.
Four pairs of hands, eight little paws and two not-so-little mouths (nom nom nom) got cracking.
And in record time….
our bento dinner was completed!
We could not believe our eyes when we saw what the adults accomplished.
#soimpressed #SOimpressed #SOIMPRESSED
So professional can!
We were so impressed that we were dumbfounded for a good minute. 
Our complete balanced dinner!
We couldn’t wait to get started.
But knowing Mummy’s SOP, we put on our best smiles…
Again and again…
The adults were so impressed with themselves that they just couldn’t stop snapping away.
And of course, we got pissed.
“Oi~ We just wanna eat, can?!”
Realising that there was no way they could get any more good shots from us, Mummy finally gave in.
In case you were wondering, Mummy did mix the bento up a bit before serving us.
A bit of a pity I must say, but my not so little tummy doesn’t give a shit.
And in seconds, everything was history!
Thank you Auntie Char, Auntie Lynne and Auntie JY for saving me and Pecan ah ma from another home cooked disaster!
We dare say that this is by far the best meal we ever had!!!
How I wish I could eat this every day~
*puts on his puppy eyes*
Please come by more often to cook presentable (and equally yummy) food for us!!!


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