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Our weekend hike – Bidadari

It’s kinda Mummy’s daily route to drive by Bidadari every day after work. 
She had noticed many dogs and their owners strolling around and decided that she had to bring us here.
And so today is the day!
It was quite difficult figuring out where to park or if there was any map of the place. 
In the end, Mummy had to fight the Qingming crowd for a parking lot at Mount Vernon instead.
From there, we strolled over to the actual Bidadari area where our hike finally started.
Happy pooches, ready to explore the ex-cemetry!
Oh oh..and Keyser came along too!
It’s quite hard to believe but my brother-from-another-mother actually survived a car ride in the same car as the crazy ah ma! (Nope, no one got killed, we just got tons of treats!)
FYI: Keyser is the male version of Pecan. They have the same quirks.
Well done Keys and ah ma!
The three of us were pretty much terrorizing the whole park. 
Yap, we barked at almost every furry tom, dick and harry that went by.
Our barking symphony was pretty awesome too. 
Keys’ the bass with his low manly bark,
Pecan’s the out-of-tune soprano and me, well, I was doing my best to harmonize. 
I think our parents were pretty proud.
Keys was awesome off-leashed, hence he was roaming on his own most of the time. 
I was so well-behaved during the earlier part of the walk that I managed to dupe my parents into letting me off-leash.
Five minutes after this shot, I was chasing after all the birds (and ignoring all commands) and nearly dashed into the estate beside this area.
Unsurprisingly, my parents were not at all impressed and I was back on leash.
Pecan and her pin-up model pose.
I think she’s a bit old for that…
We got pretty bored quickly as the trail was boring and unshaded.
I guess it would have been a great place for mummy to play fetch with me, but other than that, there was nothing much to do and see.
In fact, tt was so bad that we cut the visit short and scooted off to Bishan Park for Round II!
Guess we won’t be back anytime soon…

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