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The good ol’ days – NYC

Just a couple of months more will mark the 4th year I am back in Singapore
Yap, in case you’re new here (Hi welcome!) or can’t be bothered to scroll back to past entries (guilty~ like me..hehe), I am a New Yorker.
True blue one somemore.
#thesinglishonlyhappenedafterIcameback #Iusedtospeakinanaccenthor
I was born in New York state and stayed in Manhattan till I was almost 3, before I was whisked off to this little island.
To kinda mark the end of our adventure there, Mummy organised a photoshoot around our few favourite spots in the Big Apple.
And since Mummy spent too much money on it, she decided that it’s time to go through them and showcase it on the blog again.
#cheapoislikethatone #mustkeepreusinguntilpeoplearesickofseeingit #sitinharddiskdonothingalsowastemoneyma
Here goes…
No one place can replace this place in my heart. Ever. 
My heaven on earth is, of course, Central Park.
It was the one place Mummy and I spent one too many afternoons at, all year round.

Erm, should I be seeing this?
#oiyoursonishere #noPDAleh #buaypaiseh
My happy place!
This little stream was my number one spot as I got to cool down after each long walk.
We literally lived three avenues from Times Square.
(42nd Street between 11th and 12th Avenue)
So, I was also a regular trotting down the iconic Times Square.
To be honest, all three of us weren’t extremely fond of Times Square.
The tourists annoyed the shit out of – always stopping in the middle of nowhere for a photoshoot.
And don’t even get me started on the ball drop on NYE.
NEXT UP: Washington Park in Greenwich Village!
Another favourite of ours. 
I used to terrorise the dogs at the dog run there.
#ahgoodolddaysindeed #thepeepeestainatthepillarwasnotbymehor
The iconic cobbler stones of NYC!
Walking down a street the (dog) New Yorker way.
#IamNOTfatnow #Iwasjustunderweightthen
Well, in case you’re wondering why I was so sulky most of the shots, it was because the weather was amazing!
We had the photoshoot in spring and the usual heat panting didn’t happen.
Photo credits: the amazing Melissa from BeIMAGED Photography

While we (only Mummy la) were over the moon at the outcome of this shoot, Mummy (of course her again) felt that it didn’t showcase one important thing.
How in love I am with Central Park.
So when her friend was doing photoshoots to raise funds, she engaged Auntie Clara to help capture my adoration for this place.
#yapIusedtobethisscruffy #theweatherreallychangedmycoat
I was a jumping jack since I was young!
My stinky eye face was perfected at a young age too.
Auntie Clara managed to capture the sparkle in my eye and the joy in my actions too!
And also (unfortunately for me), my uber gong face.
Don’t get us wrong, we’re very happy and contented to be back in Singapore. 
But looking through these photos do bring back plenty of good memories and that never fails to put a smile on our faces.
And with that, a tiny part of my heart starts to ache a bit.
Boy oh boy, how I miss NYC.
Maybe someday fate will whisk me back to my homeland again.
We’ll never know…
#thisisnotahintforanything #don’treadsomuchintoit 

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