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The many faces of Pecan Woods

Through our recent photoshoot with Uncle Nicholas from Furry Photos, Mummy came to realise that Pecan ah ma can be pretty expressive. 
#itisamazinghowmanydifferentfacesshehas #nowondermummyalwayssaysheiscuterthanme
For starters, this is her ‘Let me pose like a model’ face.
#actsodemure #actyounglor

This is her ‘=P’ face.
This is her happy face.
This is her ‘you owe me a treat’ face.
#ithinkhergrumpyfacecanfightwithmine #hownottogivethisfaceatreat #nowonderourbelliesaregrowing
This is her ‘omg omg omg life is so good’ face.
Also known as her silly face.
This is her ‘I am a food critic’ face.
Tasting her food like a true connoisseur.
#pretendonly #mustseeifahmaapproveanotma #ofcosshelikela #thenextshotshegombledupeverything
This is her ‘shiok ah’ face.
This is probably the expression we will see the most at the beach. After all, she is THAT crazy about being at the beach.
This is her “my life sucks” face.
To be honest, this is pretty much Sam’s face during a shower too.
This is her ‘Let-me-think-about-life’ face.
Pecan ah ma needs to contemplate about life ma. 
#thisiswhatoldpeopledo #nolasheisjustsotiredthatsheisspacingout
Last but not least,
With these many faces, how can one not fall in love with this silly granny?

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