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A new shop in town – Woofer & Purrlensky

One of our only favourite friends, Latte (Yap, the Vanillapup) is turning four soon. 
And we were cracking our brains thinking of what to get for her. 
#actuallyonlymummyisthinking #wedon’treallycare
Because, like us, Latte has pretty much everything she needs. 
So, it is a real challenge getting her a present.
When Mummy found out about the new store, Woofer & Purrlensky, she decided to check it out and hopefully, find something for the birthday gal.

We absolutely adore the industrial vibe of the store.
The floor-to-ceiling windows make the space look really big, and the bright natural light streaming in make the products look lush and vibrant – perfect for a photo-shoot.
#infacteverysingleshotinthispostistakenusingjustaniphone #lazymummydidnotwantotusehercamera
Most importantly, the gorgeous pet accessories got Mummy super excited.
As for me, I really liked how this reminds me of the few boutique pet stores we used to frequent when I was still a New Yorker.
#sorrypecanyouwon’tunderstandone #imissnyc
We loved the place so much that we decided to camouflage as furniture so that we can stay here longer!
With decor as cute as us, we were quite confident that we won’t get thrown out.
#lifeisevenbetterwithTWOdogs #don’tstopatone
While Mummy was busy shopping, we were busy making friends with the resident dog.
But, he was a bit ‘dao’ (proud) and didn’t seem too keen to wanna hang with us.
While Mummy was extremely tempted by way too many items, there were a few of items that she thought were pretty interesting:
We were very intrigued that they actually had soap for wiry coats like ours! 
Too bad we just recently restocked our soaps/shampoos, so we will let this go for now. 
But we will definitely keep this on our “To-get list” in future.
2.  A DIY leather collar+leash kit!
Mummy was quite tempted by this, but decided not to get it as she has zero faith in her artistic talent.
But how cool is it that you can actually personalise your own collar and leash! 
3. Louisdog‘s The Big mat
We ain’t too familiar with this brand, but we were told that it’s a really popular brand among their customers.
This cooling mat is covered with water resistant coated cotton and is ideal for the nasty Singapore weather.
Most importantly, it is Pecan ah ma approved.
The granny nearly dozed off waiting for Mummy to be done.
#olddogislikethatone #needsplentyofsleep
Mummy didn’t think she would need more than half an hour here (she only put a 50cent coupon lor), but in the end, we ended up spending a good hour just hanging around (and being fussed over by the very lovely lady in the store).
#luckymummynevertiosummon #ithinkthestoreladyalsopaisehtochaseusout
And nope, we didn’t go home empty handed.
Our damage for the day!
#oopssorrydaddy’swallet #poordaddy
Thankfully Mummy didn’t forget her actual purpose of visiting the store!
Paws crossed that Latte and her mama will like it!
Hehe, if you’re wondering what we got for them, you can actually find the ‘missing piece’ from the photos above!
#my”whyisthisnotforme”face #notgonnagiveyoutheanswer 
And Pecan ah ma got exactly what she wanted. 
#anythingtomakethegrannycomfortablemummysurebuyone #mummyisasucker
A collar for the old lady and one for me!
Pecan ah ma got the lovely bowtie collar.
As for me, I ended up with a snakeskin yellow leather collar!
(This was actually a free gift for spending over $200)
Didn’t realise I actually look good in yellow too!
#butagainIlookgoodinanything #howcomepecanahma’sbacksidephotobombme
There were a few other items that caught Mummy’s eye but she managed to hold back as her preferred colours/designs were out of stock.
So, she is definitely looking forward to another visit to the store when new stock arrives.
Mummy’s note: To be honest, I headed over with the expectation that everything is going to be WAY out of my budget. Granted, there were some items that I most definitely won’t splurge on (e.g. the $18 squeaky toys). But, I was pleasantly surprised that many of the items were priced reasonably (which explains my loot). The overall vibe of the store really reminds me of the pet boutiques in USA and I absolutely love that. So, yes, I will be back.
PS: There isn’t any street parking along Erskine Road, so we parked at the parallel parking along Ann Siang Street. 

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