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Sam’s pick: Zippy Paws

I’m not really a huge fan of stuffed plush toys.
Well, there was a time when destroying them was my life mission.
Thankfully for Mummy, I had since outgrown that phase. 
#removingstuffingnokickla #tooeasyuntilicannotbebotheredtodoit
On the other hand, Pecan ah ma isn’t interested in them either.
Hence, Mummy really doesn’t bother buying us any.
However, she recently found a type of plushie that got me going cray cray over it!
It’s the ZippyPaws Burrows!

It’s no secret that I am an hyper JRT and Mummy is on an active mission to find toys to keep me stimulated.
The ZippyPaws Burrow toys are the perfect mental stimulation toys!
Each set comes with a ‘den’….
And three squeaky critters (in this case, our favourite – mice)!
There are so many cute designs that Mummy couldn’t resist but buy way too many of them. 
My current collection count = 5!
We started with 4.
Then Mummy gave 2 away to our friends.
#boohoohoo #ohwellgoodthingsmustshareiguess
Seeing how upset we were, she replenished stock during the recent B2K warehouse and we’re back to 5!
Honestly, this toy is no child’s play. 
It seriously puts my coordination into test as I’ve to do whatever I can to ‘burrow’ out each of the mouse!
Ta dah~
Mission accomplished!
One down, two more to go!
Watch Sam in action!
The truth is, not everyone is as capable as I am in challenging the ZippyPaws toys.
But no worries, as there’re many other things you can do with it!
1. Play fetch with the individual critters
2. Have a critter for lunch
#oops #caughtintheact
But hey, I wasn’t the only one!
3. Play the balancing game!
Pecan has a flatter head than me!
4. Or Simply just make friends with them!
#whosaymiceandterrierscannotcoexist #canlaonlywhenoneisnotreal
5. Last but not least, Play Catch in the air!
But hor, not everyone can do it.
Anyway, we absolutely adore the ZippyPaws Burrows!
So, if you’re looking for something to keep your pooch entertained for a little bit longer, why not give it a shot.
PS: a couple of my critters are missing ears and part of their tails. 
Yap, it probably isn’t a good idea as a chew toy though.
So, do keep an eye on your dog to ensure the lifespan of the critters!

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