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Sam’s Pick: Online Shopping with Kohepets

The kind people from Kohepets dropped us an email asking if we were keen to do a sponsored review about our experience shopping with them.
Instantly, our shopaholic sides came right through.
YES,we said!
Pecan ah ma and myself were extremely excited and both of us took some time, sat down and to come up with our shopping list.
#tookoursolongcan #thinkingistiring

We showed Mummy our shopping list and she burst into laughter.
#gotsofunnymeh #seriousbusinessleh
Oh well. After laughing for way too long, Mummy gave us the green light to go ahead and even helped us set up her lappie.
With our shopping list in mind, we embarked on our very own online shopping spree.
Hehe, I was kinda pleased that I had control of the mouse.
#ihavethefinalbarknow #pecanhastolistentome #youdonotneedopposablethumbstoshop
Concentration time…
We love how accessible Kohepets’ website is. 
The products are very well categorised and we were able to nagivate through the site easily.
Since we’re raw-fed dogs, we were very specific in the types of treats we wanted. 
Everything was listed clearly on the website and we very quickly found what we wanted. 
We loved that we were able to search by brands as that really saved us tons of time. 
We would have loved to scroll thru all the pages while oogling at the treats. 
But we were slightly concerned that our drooling might kill Mummy’s laptop.
So we got straight to business and chose whatever we wanted.
While searching through the website, we saw many items that we are huge fans of, many of which we are currently using. (e.g Fuzzyard bed, our favourite Virbac ToothPaste, Zippy Paws toys etc).
Needless to say, we love the huge selection that Kohepets offers.
Our only complaint: We’re spoilt for choice! 
Hence, after much deliberation (machiam we’re judges on a reality show), we decided to go for brands that we have never tried before!
“Mummy! We’re done! Quick! Come help us check out!”
And two days later…
Our loot is here!
#Iambusyinspectingtheloot #donotdisturbme
The delivery was really efficient too (we got our paws on the items within 2 days!) and we really didn’t mind at all that it came in a plastic bag.
#wedonotcareaboutpackaging #itistheinsidethatcounts
Showing off what we chose!
There’s something for everyone!
Of course, most of them are treats.
#wasn’tthatthewholepurposeofthisshoppingspree #ourtummiesarewaiting
#ohthereisnothingfordaddy #likehecares
As important as food is to our lives, play is also a major part of it.
#allfoodandnoplaymakessamandpecanfatfatdogs #inotfatiambigboned
So we also bought Pecan ah ma a Ferplast Rubber Bone Dog squeaky toy!
She obviously is pretty fond of it.
She was pretty cool and was even willing to share the toy with me!
#aiyashewaseyeingthetreatslor #thatswhyIgotchancetotakethetoy
I decided to challenge myself and got me a Nina Ottoson Dog Smart toy.
Just to be safe that I don’t embarrass myself, I decided to get a level 1 difficulty one.
Hehe, of course it was no feat for me lor.
#easybreezey #yayasam
For Mummy, we bought her a WashBar Anti-Flea bundle. We’ve heard really good reviews about WashBar Soap and wanted to give it a shot. 
Plus, the natural repellant is an absolute bonus!
Now we can remain tick and flea free.
See we so thoughtful hor?
#wemustbecrazytobuymummygroomingproducts #sigh #notlookingforwardtothebaths
Overall, we really enjoyed shopping with Kohepets!
Not only is the website a breeze to use (even for our tech idiot Mummy), our items were delivered  fast and complete!
What else can we ask for?
Thanks Kohepets for sending yummy treats our way!
Our tummies say thank you!

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