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Pecan’s birthday present – Furry Photos shoot

You may have been wondering why Pecan didn’t have a birthday present reveal like we usually do.
It’s not because our parents got all stingy and decide to scrimp on it.
#Ithinkdaddysecretlywantedtodothat #mummywon’tallowonelor
It’s because it took a while for the end product to be out.
Yap, you may have guessed it right.. (or rather, Mummy may have already told you la)
Mummy arranged a photoshoot for Pecan –
One where the focus will be on the little granny.
#pecanhardlygetstobeinthelimelightonherown #firsttimeleh
Thank you Uncle Nicholas from Furry Photos for delivering these awesome photos of the birthday girl.
Here goes…

The flying ah ma!
PS: Thank you Ohpopdog for the gorgeous bandanas!
She is pretty agile for 13 huh.
Since it was her photoshoot, we definitely had to include her favourite place on earth – Tanjong Beach.
It’s pretty amazing how she can fly anywhere!
Of course Pecan’s favourite water toy, Mr Spikey, tagged along for the shoot!
The perfect shake-off!
“Oi, it’s my photoshoot! Don’t disturb me. I’ll play with you later.”
Well, it’s kinda clear that the focus of the photoshoot was on Pecan.
She looked really good!
While I……
I look like I have a beer belly!
#iamnotfat #iambigboned
Why my mouth so big?
 I may be blur, but I look so… shocked.
Nay, just kidding la.
Uncle Nicholas took pretty flattering shots of me too!
All smiles!
While Pecan was being shot, I was happy playing Fetch at the side.
So I was pretty pleased too.
#nicetonotbeinthespotlightforonce #fetchisthebestgameonearth
Ready, get set, GO!
#ahmaischeating #runlehnotflyhor
Mummy’s note: To be honest, Furry Photos was not the first pet photographer I approached. We did contact another company first. However, they were only available on weekends. Two failed shoots later (we had to cancel cos of bad weather), we concluded that Pecan had no fate with them and decided to cancel our arrangement. I really wanted the photos to be taken before her birthday and there really weren’t any weekends left to do so. This was when I approached Nicholas for a weekday shoot and thankfully, he very quickly found a slot to fit us in.
Nicholas was really professional. He requested for a pre-shoot consult where he came by to interact with Sam and Pecan to learn more about them. We also had a detailed chat on what I wanted out of the shoot and how we can achieve it. I really appreciated the very valuable advice he offered and he also managed to address some of my concerns (e.g. how I was worried that it might be challenging to shoot Pecan with her cake at the beach – he agreed and suggested we start the shoot at Quayside Isle first).
My brief to him was rather simple (and so I think la). I wanted to capture Pecan at her happiest moments at her favourite place – the beach. And judging at the photos I just received, I have to honestly say, he nailed it.101 PERCENT. I seriously couldn’t stop smiling while looking through them. He had absolutely translated her happiness into these amazing shots and I cannot thank him enough for it.
Thanks once again Nicholas for the capturing my little girl at her happiest moment and I am sure these images will keep a smile on my face for many more years to come.

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