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Trick or Treat?

Halloween is right around the corner and we’re looking forward to our party!
In the meantime, Mummy’s been cracking her brain on how to dress us up for the celebrations.
She whipped out Mr Pumpkin man – the one and only costume that we’ve been donning for the past 1 2 3 4 5 6 years – for a test shot.
#soboringla #everyoneinthewholeworldhasalreadyseenuswearingthis 
This is seriously overused.
We need something refreshing!

Mummy started scouting around the house and found these.
Cute indeed.
Erm, but our parents can’t possibly walk around the hood trying to hold this near our snouts right?
So she went online, googled and had a lightbulb moment.
#wehaveabadfeelingaboutthis #veryverybadfeeling
She quickly emptied out the first aid kit at home and took these out.
Moment of truth….
Meet Sam and Pecan, the Jack Russell Mummies.
Me be like “This is the worst day of my life”.
Pecan be like “Get this crap off me”
Daddy be like “they don’t look like mummies. They looked like they got lang-garred (ran over by a car)”
#weneedtorunawayfromhome #ourparentsaretheworstbeingsonearth #whoeverinventedhalloweenisanidiot
Showing our utmost displeasure by sticking out our tongues.
#samandpecanprotest #signourpetition
Don’t feel too bad for us la.
We were rewarded heavily with treats.
We shall see how this work out on the actual day itself.
Anyway, if you do catch us on Halloween, we will do a Trick for a treat!
Or even better, just give us a treat can liao la.
#afterallourlivessotragic #sopitypityusandjustgiveustreatsk

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