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Sam & Pecan’s OOTD

It’s not easy being mini celebs.
#nooneactuallycareswhoweare #weareinourownworld
We’ve to make sure that we’re always spruced up enough to meet our non-existent fans.
#alwayscameraready #butpecanalwayshasbedroomhead
We do have quite a wardrobe.
And getting ready for each walk can be quite a task.
#famousdogislikethatone #thickskinnedsiah #bhb
Don’t say we don’t share k.

Here’s our Outfit of The Day!
She wears…
He wears…
“Pecan, is that pretty lady checking us out?”
#ahmaisgettingchubbier #tightfitsiah
And of course, the handsome Sam in his little bow-tie.
The truth is, as much as we love Pecan ah ma in her *cough* cute little outfit, the local weather does get a tad warm for that.
Hence, more often than not, we go full monty!
The whole purpose of this blog to be honest, is to show off Mummy’s new obsession – our new Natural Leather Leash and Collar set from Ohpopdog.
We don’t really care how they look, but the hemp cotton is so comfy that we love walking in this.
Besides how good it looks, Mummy loves that the leash is only four feet long – making it easier to manage us when we walk.
Oops, caught jaywalking.
Hope you will enjoy our OOTD! 
Maybe if we managed to convince Mummy to create more collages, we will have an OOTD series soon!

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