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Sam’s pick: The Optivizor

Meet Sam and Pecan, the Superhero Jacks.

Nay, I wish.
#justkidding #butdoesn’tthegetupmakeuslooklikesomesuperheroes #okaywearedelusion
Introducing.. The Optivizor!
While the optivizor doesn’t give us super powers (what a disappointment), it does something pretty impressive too.
It protects our eyes from the damaging UV rays!
We were first contacted by Auntie Jeannie who introduced this to Mummy.
The very sweet lady noticed that Pecan’s eyes appeared to have cataracts in some of the photos.
#sheisabsolutelyright #mummyhaslousyphotoshopskills #shedoesnotevenbothertocoverthatup
To help manage Pecan’s cataracts (she is currently on long-term prescription eye drops), she offered us the Optivizors to review.
To ensure that we got the right fit, Auntie Jeannie even arranged for her local counterparts from Bubble Pet Care to come by our place to fit us.
Thanks to Auntie Pearl and Uncle Kenneth for going the extra mile! 
The optivizors are colour coded. I wear an Orange S while ah ma wears a yellow XS.
#orangeismycolour #toobadnopinkforahma
The Optivizor serves a few purposes:
1. Help protect blind and special vision dogs minimise chance of injuries when they touch, bump and feel their way
2. Rehabilitation care for dogs who underwent eye or facial surgery by allowing them to recover in comfort.
3. The detachable UV mesh accessory helps to protect dogs’ eyes from the harmful sun rays when your dogs are exploring the world.
It is specially designed to fit the shape of our heads while ensuring comfort and stability. We were able to walk and even run (slowly) without it flopping about.  
The optivizor is indeed very well made, and most importantly, extremely lightweight.
Okay, I ain’t quite a fan of it
Closeup on my ‘sian’ face. 
#aiyaIverydifficultla #anythingalsodon’tlike #iamjustnotfondofwearingthings
And once again, the easy going Pecan didn’t seem to mind abit.
Rocking our headgears!
#auntiehuijinsayswelooklikebeekeepers #iprefertolooklikesuperheroes
While they are pretty comfortable, it still required some getting used. 
In fact, it took a few months for us to take to them.
But Mummy was really patient. She  would put it on us for short periods of time each time we headed out.
And that did pay off as we are now able to trot around comfortably in them!
#butIwillstillattempttotakethemoffwhenmummyisn’tlooking #pecandoesn’tgiveahoot #shereallyisspoilmarketman #buaitahan
The ah ma wearing it like a model!
I don’t look too bad in them either!
While I was fitted in a S optivizor, I’m able to wear the XS too. 
Hence, it is a good idea to try various sizes to see which fits your pooch best.
Sam and Pecan here to save the world!
#andsowethink #wequiteuselessone #gotproblemwearefirsttorun
Being Jack Russell terrors, we’re always up and about, running around and getting into trouble. 
Keeping the optivizor on every time we are out proved to be a bit of a challenge.
Mummy found that the best time to keep them on, is when we are buckled in!
Don’t they just look like cool helmets?
#wehaveourowncarseats #ontheroadlikepros
All in all, we were very fascinated by the Optivizor.
#mummymorethanusla #wewerejustmeh
We love what it serves to do and strongly believe that it will really improve the lives of many of our peers. 
That being said, we acknowledge that while it is designed to fit us comfortably, it does require a fair bit of effort for the dog to get used to, especially if they are active pups like us.
But again, that is nothing time and treats can’t resolve.
So, do check it out if you think this will improve the lives of your little ones!
Contact Bubble Pet Care for enquires on where to get your paws on them.
Thanks Auntie Jeannie, Auntie Pearl and Uncle Kenneth once again for letting us have this cool helmet!
#pecanreallythinkssheisasuperheronow #shewantstoflyoutofthewindow #sheiscrazy

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