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A White X’mas.. PARTY!

Our favourite season is right around the corner. 
And we love that Christmas is in the air!
#stunnedface #keepingmypawscrossedthatmummyisnotexpectingmetokissahmaunderthemistletoe

Since X’mas really is one of our favourite seasons (thanks to tons of pressies and yummy food), we decided to throw a party!
Also, cos our meando Mummy always laughs that we’ve no friends, we decided to prove her wrong.
#shethennofriendslor #stilldaresayus
This really is our first event and party, so to make things easier for us, we joined hands with Latte (VanillaPup), Cookie (somewhitecookie) and Bailey the Pom.
Come along and you will get to meet Pecan the happpy reindeer!
Sam, the grumpy Santa helper.
#inotgrumpyone #ijustdonotlikewearinghats
So, don’t forget to support us k?
The party is priced at $30 per pax and $5 per dog. Each human sign-up will be entitled to a goodie bag! 
You can opt in to participate in the dog christmas gift exchange!
#mustmakesureyourparentsjoinhor #elseyoulaternopresent 
And there is no party without a LUCKY DRAW!
A little birdie told us that one of the lucky draw prizes is a staycation at a pet-friendly hotel leh!
Click here to register!
See ya there!

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