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We are the Dino Dogs!

Mummy is getting a tad bored of our boring grey wall and how it’s showing in our photos.
To spruce our shots up, she decided to get crafty!
A quick trip to Art Friend and she was ready to get crafting.
#wecanhelpbutyoumustpayintreats #mummycannotsaynotothesefacesone

A couple of hours in…
and wala~
To be honest, while Mummy is quite fond of scrapbooking and stuff, she really isn’t the most artistic person around. 
So to be safe, she got tree and cloud templates off the internet.
And since our printer is kaput, she had to use baking sheet to trace them out before drawing them onto coloured paper.
#cheapoislikethatone #havetoimprovise
Presenting our new backdrop!
Mummy’s tip: Use Blue-tac to secure the items to the background. This will allow you to shift the trees and clouds around as you deem fit. Plus, you can reuse the background for the next project.
#mummycheaposodon’twantotstickitdown #mustreuseandsavemoneyma
Looks pretty good right?
Of course our mummy isn’t that creative to come up with this from scratch. 
That’s what Pinterest is for!
This was her inspiration.
(Source: Kimberly Stamps)
And in case you’re wondering why she would search for dinosaurs for inspiration…
Here’s why:
Presenting Sammo-saur and Peekee-saur.
Yap, Mummy got her hands on these adorable dino outfits from 703dog, a line from Japan that specialises in handmade products for dogs.
Actually, Mummy had been eyeing these outfits for the longest time.
#thetruthiscosthemodellookslikesam #thatiswhyshestalksthatetsyaccount
However, she was a little unsure about the fit (especially after several failed purchases from etsy) and if the material might be too warm for the local climate. 
#shegotselfcontrolonelor #justnotveryoften
When she learnt that Woofer & Purrlensky was going to stock these, she very quickly ‘choped’ a couple for us. 
Peekee-saur is wearing a M Kawaii Dinosaur Gray.
Ain’t the spikes just so adorable?
#howcomepecanlooksgoodinalloutfitsone #lifenofairsiah
The granny dino!
Not only is the cotton pretty thin, it’s sleeveless, thus making it more comfortable for us!
Pecan can easily lay down and get up with ease.
Sammo-saur is wearing a L Kawaii Dinosaur.
#mummyabitregretputthetreetherecosabitdistracting #buttoolateliao
Don’t ask me why I look like a bak zhang.
#Iamnotfat #Iamjustbigboned
Daddy commented that we looked too happy and friendly to be dinosaurs.
So, we decided to show him that we can be scary too!
#rawrrrrr #weeatmeat #laterwewilleatdaddy
Oh well, Daddy couldn’t stop laughing at us.
Guess we didn’t quite make the cut.
But hor, I think we make pretty cute dinosaurs. 
Don’t you?

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