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Our very first Christmas tree!

Mummy had always wanted a X’mas tree since she moved out.
For the first year, she was too busy with her wedding prep (and probably extremely broke) to get one.
For the second year, she was too busy with her move to NYC to get one.
And for year 3, yours truly (aka Sam) came along and turned her world upside down.
So, the christmas tree never did happen.
The subsequent years since I became part of the family, I always look forward to the annual debate of whether we should get a tree.
#Iusuallybuypopcornandwatchmyparentsargueitout #okaylaIexaggerate #thedecisionisquickandmutualone
Without any doubt, the answer will be unanimous. 
And always NO.
The reason? 
Mummy and Daddy: “Cos we think Sam will pee on it.”
Oh wow, thanks for the trust huh.
This year, Mummy decided to finally take the plunge.
And this happened!

Before you go all ga-ga and excited about it, the truth is… 

this tree is bloody small.
#nokiddingman #itisasbigaspecan 
Mummy finally decided to purchase a miniature tree to satisfy her ‘cravings’.
Of course, no tree is complete without our own special touch!
Using stickers that mummy printed for us previously, she very quickly made our very own Sam & Pecan’s ornaments!
#diytime #sorrywecannothelpcoswegotnooopposingthumbs #begladwedidnotdroolonit
With a bit of help from Auntie Andrea (our helper at home), tadah~
#wetriedtohelp #okayweweremorelikebeggingfortreats
There is a reason to my ‘excited’ face.
Just when we were all merry and sniffing around the tree, Mummy announced that no presents that we will be getting will be bigger than the pot of the tree.
Say what???
#ithinkpecanhasntgottenagraspofthesituation #sheisdamnblur #myparentssuck
To make me feel better, Mummy gave me a challenge – to not pee on this little guy.
And if I managed to do so, she will finally consider a full size tree next year!
Challenge accepted!
Wish me luck guys!

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