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Happy 12th Birthday Ah ma!

September 14 2015 was a special day.
It was the day that the ancient one (aka Pecan ah ma) turned TWELVE.
#omg #whatahugenumber #icanonlycounttoten
As usual, birthdays in the Loo Lim Household are a big thing. Well, kinda, only if you’re the beloved furkids. The parents get zilch celebration.
So, it was party mood all week!
The birthday girl in her bathing suit.
#omgagain #oldwomanactyoung

It started off with the customary grooming session.
Photo credit: Wooga

This was no usual grooming though. 
We actually went for a handstripping session.
I’ve been handstripped before and was supposed to be quite accustomed to it. 
However, it was Pecan’s virgin handstripping. Hence Mummy was a tad concern that she wouldn’t do well.
#sooldstillvirgin #HEHEHEHEHEHE
In the end, Pecan did beautifully.
Me, on the other hand, cried ‘father and mother’ (even grandmother) when I was being stripped.
Mummy was so embarrassed when Auntie Shiting and Auntie Ashley told her that.
Oh, in case you’re wondering if it hurts, it really doesn’t.
I was just being a drama queen. 
 Our coats looked so much better after the stripping and the rough texture has returned!
Now we truly are Rough Coated Jack Russells.
Photo credit: Wooga
Pressie TWO: A day at Wooga Daycare!
Just for Pecan.
Well, this was yet another virgin experience for ah ma. (At least since Mummy adopted her)
Since I’ve been going to school once a week, Mummy decided that Pecan needed her own day of fun too.
Unfortunately, Pecan and puppies just don’t mix.
Thus, Mummy chose to send her to Wooga instead.
Afterall, I did have an awesome experience while I was there!
And of course, she did wonderfully too.
She got along with everyone, conquered a 5km walk and even played fetch!
Hehehe, anxious Mummy kept bugging Auntie Ashley for photo updates and was grinning ear to ear when she saw them.
She was so pooped that by the time our parents picked her up, she crashed out in the car.
She’s usually all hyped up and excited in the car, so this, was a stark contrast.
Mummy really loved how much Pecan enjoyed daycare that she has declared Wednesdays Pecan’s daycare day.
#yeah #thatmeansIhaveanotherpecanfreeday #wheeeeeee #samapproved
Pressie three: Wildebeest XX Bandanas!
(More on this another time)
#menohappythatwehavetobematchymatchy #miaphotobomb
And of course,
what’s a birthday without a…
This year, Mummy decided to try something different and ordered from Pawoof!
A million thanks to Auntie Geraldine for accommodating our last minute order!
And most importantly, for making such a GORGEOUS (and delicious) cake!!!!
Mummy super love it lor.
She also love how my figurine is slightly bigger than Pecan’s.
Mummy’s request was pretty straightforward – she wanted a girly cake for Pecan. 
(cos she is too tomboy liao)
Auntie Geraldine is super cute la, she actually added a flower bow on ah ma!
#oldwomanactyoungagain #whysamsohandsome
While the figurines were the best part for Mummy, the highlight of the cake to us had to be the filling!
Pork, pork and more pork.
#wheregotthingssoyummyone #outtatheworldman
Mummy actually spotted some sliced capsicum in it. 
And guess what, we didn’t even realise and eat it ALL.
Mummy was extremely impressed.
A bit not happy that we had to wait.
Needless to say, there was NOTHING left in the bowl after this.
As Pecan really doesn’t have many friends, we decided to keep it simple and not have a party. 
Instead, we brought our own cake to Paw-Petradise to celebrate.
The kind people there actually took pity on Pecan sang her a birthday song! 
We even joined in by barking.
#soundedterriblethough #itwaspecannotme
Do you think that was it?
No lor….
Last but not least, what’s a birthday without presents that the birthday granny would like?!
I wasn’t exactly very happy when I realised how big her present was.
My birthday also no big box of present lor.
#fml #samprotest
I cheered up a little after Mummy spoke to me (in treats of course).
This was a combined pressie from our parents and me!
#yalayaladaddypaidforeverything #histragiclife
Wondering what’s inside?
None other than SQUEAKY TOYS!
Mummy’s favourite pick has to be this!
#pecanactuallythoughtitwasreal #sniffforwhat
My personal pick for Pecan was…
How cool is this?!
Let’s cheers to some Bad Spaniel.
Judging from Pecan’s expression for the rest of the day, I guess we can conclude that she’s having a blast on her birthday!
Come on la, she did receive 12 presents lor.
#shebetterbehappylor #lifenotfair 
Anyway, Happy barkday ah ma.
Although my life is turned upside down since you came along (you stole my toys, beat me up so many times and vied for our parents’ attention), I’m *cough* glad *cough* you joined the family.
Thanks for making my life so much more interesting (PUI) and helping me cope with my separate anxiety.
Stay young and genki k?
Mummy’s note: Can’t believe that this little pumpkin is twelve already! Although she is a senior, this little crazy ball of fur seriously acts like she’s twelve months old. And no, I’m not complaining. Keeping my fingers crossed that this feisty granny will have many more years to go! Stay healthy Pee-kee-kee! Let me continue to spoil you for a long, long while k? 
Love ya, my little smiley girl!

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