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How we spent our saturday…

While lazy bums were still lazing in bed, these two early worms (one fat, one smelly) had already gotten a ton of exercise under their waistlines belts.
#yapourlazymummyactuallymanagedtodragherbuttoutofbed #itwasamiracle
Yap, this was how we spent our weekend – running around our favourite dog park, playing fetch.
Well, to be exact, one dog was working the fetch. 
The other was just… blocking the way.
#fetchlastillgottimesmileatcamera #cannotbelieveshecanbesocameraready
But again, I am such a pro and ah ma has zilch chance la.
It’s no wonder she isn’t usually interested in vying with me.
#cannotwinsaysola #nochancelor #yayasam 
Look at this cowboy go man.
Concentration. Concentration.
Of course, when there are good days, there will be bad days.
#shithappens #alamak
Hey, but I’m still darn good k.
Don’t you just feel like slapping this yaya face?
Since Pecan has no chance in even getting near to the ball with me around, she decided to just fool around with the camera instead.
#goofygranny #四连拍 
We did come a long way from home to get here (our house too ulu la), so I decided to give ah ma a chance to actually catch something by taking a break. 
#tootiredtorunbutcannotadmit #mustactlikeIverygracious
Like finally~
We got a good hour of workout while our parents sat around, enjoyed their Macs breakfast and chilled.
#daddysataroundplayinghishandphonelor #ourstupidparentsnevergiveusanybreakfastlor
Though we were pooped by the end,  we were all smiles!
This was actually our second saturday morning in a row spent at the dog run and Mummy absolutely loves it. 
Firstly, the crowd here is really lovely. 
Secondly, West Coast dog run is hugeeeee… Big enough for everyone to have their own space. 
For the whole time we were playing fetch, no one came to disturb us.
Most importantly, she goes home with two ‘dead’ dogs that will leave her alone for the rest of the weekend.
How perfect is that?

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