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Mummy’s Chou Chou

We’ve had enough. 
Enough of Mummy publicly embarrassing us. 
From apple heads,
to bread faces…
to this…
Now it’s time for revenge!

In retaliation, we shall wash Mummy’s dirty laundry in public.
#likeanyonecares #wesongcanliao
Drum rolls~
This is Mummy’s Chou Chou (aka childhood security blanket) – Orson Loo Xiao Ping (affectionately known as Ah Ping).
If you’ve been friends with Mummy since her school days, you will know of his existence.
Believe it anot, this Chou Chou started off as a PINK stuffed pig. 
It was Mummy’s birthday present from Grandmummy when she was nine.
So, this pig is technically 22 years old this year.
#oopswejustrevealedmummy’sage #cannotbelievegotthingsolderthanpecan
Apparently, Grandmummy forgot about Mummy’s birthday present that year and conveniently stopped by Watson’s (that was next to her office) and grabbed the first stuffie she saw.
She actually forgot to remove the price tag! He cost a mere $4.90!
Best of all, there’s not one, but two of them!
That’s his twin brother, Orwin Loo Xiao Pong (affectionately known as Ah Pong)
These two dust-collectors pigs were the centre of Mummy’s life for the longest time.
Don’t look down on these two dirty old pigs!
They were actually important enough to make it to our parents’ pre-wedding shoot hor.
#dontplayplayleh #theiroutfitswerecustomisedjustforthem #nowdon’tknowthrowwhereliao
In fact, when I first came along, Mummy couldn’t even trust me with them.
You see, I did have a track record of doing this.
#thesnowmanblewuphimself #notmyfault #iamtryingtosavehim
So for the longest of time, I was not allowed anywhere near Ah Ping and Ah Pong. 
Oh well…
But I’ve grown from a little boy to a matured man.
 Hence, I had a heart-to-heart/man-to-man talk with Ah Ping to sort out our differences.
We came to a consensus and officially shared the rights to sleep on the same bed as Mummy and Daddy.
Well, I did promise I won’t eat them.
I just didn’t say I won’t kick them.
They were so precious to Mummy that she would bring them everywhere she went.
Then, we came along and changed the hierarchy.
While they used to occupy the number one place in Mummy’s heart, Pecan and myself easily overthrew them.
So, they pretty much got banished to the edge of the bed.
If it’s any consoling, they still accompany Mummy on her overseas trip. 
Now to answer those who’ve been asking Mummy what happened to them, yap, they’re still alive, I mean around.
They just don’t hold as much weightage in Mummy’s heart now.
#playstragicmusic #poorahponghasahma’sdroolonhimnow #atourmercy
 Rest assured that we won’t ill-treat them!
Afterall, they did take great care of our favourite person in the world before we came along.
Therefore, we will treat them with love and respect.
So here we are – the four guardian angels of Mummy’s life!
#daddyhasnoplaceherelor #poordaddy
Aiya, this expose (that no one cares) ended on a heartwarming note.
So much for washing her dirty laundry.
Oh well, at least it gives you something to laugh at her!
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