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A ride in a beetle

We were invited by Volkswagen Singapore to take one of their cars for a test drive.
Although our trusty Gin has been pretty reliable for the past year, Mummy was more than glad to ditch him for the weekend for a sleeker ride.
Hence, there was no way we could even refuse the offer!
We stopped by the showroom to pick up our ride and also took the opportunity to ‘mark’ our territory around the vicinity.

Our shallow Mummy was blown away the moment our ride drove up. 
But to be honest, it was difficult not to be.
Afterall, it was none other than the iconic Volkswagen Beetle!
How chic is this????
Although the stars decal was part of their design for the recent Night Festival, Mummy loved how it added a extra touch of pizzazz to the already stylish Beetle.
#isworeshewasgrinningwhiledrivingitlor #maybethat’showunclesinferrarisfeel #theyayafaceofhers
To be honest, we were secretly enjoying how this compact ride turns heads and corners equally well. 
We were as excited about the Beetle as she was. 
Until we realised that our designated seats were in the boot.
Say whatttttt?
#cannotbelieveitface #don’tforgettobuy4D #thenumberis8388 #winliaodon’tforgetus
Mummy is a huge fan of hatchbacks and she is pleasantly surprised that for the size of the car, the Beetle did have a huge boot space! 
There’s certainly ample space for a huge luggage, or two adorable Jacks to chill and roll around.
Thankfully, our parents ain’t that mean la.
We got to ride… shotgun.
I wish.
We ended up on the floor.
Oh mannnnn….
Of course not la.
But since Mummy has become kinda obsessed about car safety recently, she packed along our Kurgo car seats
One of the nice features of the Volkswagen Beetle is that the seats are foldable and that allowed us to secure the car seats easily.
I even got to help out by buckling the seat in.
#samthelittlehelper #pecanisskivingsomewhere
Being a coupe, it does make it tad challenging for our parents to load and off-load us. 
 Besides the fact that I ended up having to be slightly closer to Pecan, it didn’t affect the amount of space each of us have.
We were also able to enjoy the good view.
Since we had the Volkswagen Beetle for the weekend, why not do something fun with it!
Mummy decided to bring us out on a picnic!
As we mentioned earlier, for a compact ride, the boot space is really plentiful. 
We were able to pack in all our barang barang for the picnic comfortably. 
In fact, there was still plenty of space for us to sit in it too.
We even invited our only friends, the FuzzYard gang along for the picnic.
Our delectable picnic spread from Barking Good.
Thank you Auntie Dionne for the mouth-watering food.
Waiting for Mummy to finally be done with the shoot.
Finally our reward after a cooperative shoot!
After filling our bellies with one too many bites, we packed up and headed to our usual Saturday activity – swimming.
Mummy then dropped us off before returning the Beetle.
I was a tad reluctant to say bye to this cute little bug. 
#whenwillweseeyouagain #emosam #pecaninherworldasusual
Thank you Volkswagen Singapore and Auntie Rachel for offering us this amazing ride and experience. 
You should really be there to hear Mummy sigh the moment she returned the car and got into Gin.
She’s like…FML
To be honest, we were a little worried that she would refuse to return the Beetle and I swore Daddy heaved a sigh of relief when Mummy drove back in Gin.
#butshenochoice #toobadlor
Our verdict:
You see, our parents ain’t huge car geeks, hence we ain’t gonna go into the technicality of the Beetle in detail. But all in all, we adore the smooth ride, classy exterior, sleek interior and power acceleration (it is capable of going from a standstill to 100km/hr in just 10.9 seconds).
In fact, we became a little concerned when Mummy started making funny noises (she was like cheering to herself lor) as she accelerated to overtake slow coaches hogging the road.
#sheisimaginingsheisanF1driverlor #crazylady #mummythethrillseeker
Interestingly, as Mummy amused herself with her ‘dramatic sound effects’ while driving, we felt safe and secure in the stable and trusty Beetle.
Afterall, the Volkswagen Beetle did achieved a 5-star safety rating on the Euro NCAP. 
I’m sure many guys might find the Beetle a tad feminine, but with the new sporty appearance, we thought that Daddy did look quite ‘man’ driving it too. 
It’s a huge bonus that like myself, it’s a chick magnet!
That being said, we did find the backseat a little tight. While Pecan ah ma and myself were absolutely comfortable in our portable car seats, Daddy who had to sit behind for a bit did comment that a little more legroom would be a bonus. But seriously, Mummy didn’t give a hoot about him. After all, she was feeling great behind the wheels. 
#toobadfordaddy #noonecaresabouthimla
With such an eye-catching exterior and great performance, it’s a great fit for DINKS (dual income no kids) couples or young professionals. 
It definitely met the needs of our little family of four! 
In fact, Mummy is seriously considering a Volkswagen for our next ride after Gin expires. 
#shereallythinkdaddygotdeepdeeppocketsman #poordaddy

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