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A Fuzzy Sleepover

It’s been a while since we did something fun in our lives.
To spice our boring lives up a little, Mummy decided to throw us a sleepover party!
Hence, she asked us to invite our friends to join us.
But hor, we don’t really have many friends.
#nothankstopecan #myfriendsareinNYC #weemocosoursleepoverlookspossiblyboring
Oh well, so we decided to make do and invited our three FuzzYard troublemaker friends!
Since it’s a party, it was a must to wear hats.
We spent our whole evening chilling and chatting about our lives.
(Screams: BORING)
And that was when we started to hear grumbling sounds coming from our little tummies.
Well, I mean a sleepover isn’t really a sleepover without some yummy snacks!
Thankfully Mummy was thoughtful enough to prepare some desserts for us.
Since Shoo was our guest, we gave him the first sniff.
#youbetterdontpooptherelor #elselateryounoheaddontblameme
He took a tad longer than we liked, so Pecan ah ma decided to protest.
Mummy allowed us to pick what we wanted.
I was uber hungry and just couldn’t wait to bite down on the Pupcorn Donut.
Strawberry icing for me and chocolate icing for Sushi.
Pecan ah ma decided to go for the Cupcake Toys instead. 
Of course, this was when I realised the truth…
those weren’t actually edible. 
They were plush toys.
#kannabluffedbymummy #thedonutcannoteatonelor #nowmylittletummyisangry
Oh well, at least they worked well as handcuffs.
#kinkysam #iswearsushiislaughingatme
Pecan ah ma ah… still thought she got lucky and got to have two cupcakes all to herself.
#shedoesnotknowthatthosealsocannoteatone #stupidistupid #iswearsushiisalsolaughingather
Eventually ah ma discovered the prank.. and dare I say, she wasn’t too impressed.
After meando Mummy had a good laugh, she finally whipped out a mystery box and announced that it was our real supper.
No thanks to her earlier joke, we couldn’t quite trust her this time round.
#sureanot #wenobelieveleh
When she took the surprise out of the box, our jaws dropped and frowns were wiped off our faces like instantly.
#weverypracticalone #cannotissit
She actually ordered A King’s Breakfast from Superdog Kitchen.
Who says we can’t have breakfast for supper?
Thanks Auntie Gwen for the delicious tart.
#ifonlymummycancooklikethat #samtheking #nopecanisnotmyempress #pukes
To make our supper even more awesome, Mummy prepared milk for us!
Okay, now I feel kinda bad for our guests.
Cos, the moment we saw the tarts, we couldn’t give a sh*t about them.
Pecan is so matchy-matchy man.
Her pink hat and her Pink Bubblelicious Easy Pet Eater.
I definitely have more taste with The Chevy Easy Pet Eater.
Okay, the truth was, we really didn’t care what our bowls looked like. 
We just wanted to get our jaws on the delicious tarts.
To make sure that we have a good night’s sleep, Mummy decided to warm the milk for us.
Although this was our very first time tasting it, we absolutely loved it.
#pecanahmaalmostdidntwanttosharelor #howcomeyouwaitsolongthengiveussuchayummydrink
After we ate and drank to our fill, we were really to tuck in with our friends on our comfy beds.
Pecan chose to snooze on a Tipping Point Reversible Pet Bed while I was rather pleased on my Rio Pillow.
These beds were so comfy that Mummy is a little sad that we rather sleep on them than squeeze on her bed with her.
#sorrynotsorrylor #nomoregettingkickedbydaddy #nomoregettingsquashedbydaddy
Nighty night….
On hindsight, the sleepover wasn’t that bad.
Afterall, we were exhausted and our tummies were beyond satisfied.
Hopefully Mummy organise another one soon!
Care to join us?
#weneedrealfriends #itsokayifyoujustwantthefood #weunderstand #costhatswhatwereallywanttoo

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  1. #yourmummysupereffort #ilovethisfunnypost and why your mummy never proof read your post! (Found a mistake hehehe)


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