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Pet-friendly: Everything with Fries

If you’re a long time reader cum fan of *ahem* yours truly, you would’ve noticed that since Pecan ah ma joined our family we have ceased our pet-friendly cafe outings.
#thickskinsam #scarlygotnolongtimereaderstheninoface #donttellme
It is because Pecan has a bit of a barrier frustration. 
Which means she has the tendency to react by barking and lunging when she is unable to interact with the object of interest (be it another dog or human). This happens especially when she is on leash.
Hence, alfresco dining where dogs will be tied to the table (as opposed to a pet cafe where we will be off-leashed) ain’t exactly suitable for dogs like her.
We’ve been working on her barrier frustration and are really pleased with her progress.
#shegotbetterbutigotworse #shemusthavespreadittome
Despite that, Mummy is still rather hesitant to bring us to pet-friendly cafes…
That was until they walked passed… Everything with Fries at Holland Village.
Daddy is a sucker for fries and the dessert menu caught sweet-toothed Mummy’s eyes. 
Our parents just had to stop and give it a shot.
Since this was totally impromptu, Mummy had to resort to using her iPhone for photo-taking.
Thankfully, it didn’t turn out too bad!
We managed to beat the crowd and were given a nice outdoor table.
The layout is really open and welcoming!
The menu is also very interesting and as its name suggest, all mains were served with fries.
#friesoverdoselor #howcomenofriesfordogsone
As this wasn’t planned in advance, Mummy didn’t come prepared. 
(She would usually pack our water bottle, a bowl and tons and tons of treats.)
As a result, she ended up having to request for water for us.
The awesome waitstaff actually improvised and used a takeout box for us.
Needless to say, Mummy was quite impressed.
So were we.
#sothoughtfulcan #ourthankyoufaces
The food looked really delicious and we didn’t have to wait long.
(Mussels and fries, Ma Ling Luncheon Chips, Miso Baked King Salmon, Mega Milo Dinosaur, Lemon Soda)
To be honest, our parents found the food a tad salty.
#oldpeopleislikethatone #lowtoleranceofsalt
But the dessert was to die for.
I swore Mummy was grinning ear to ear after having the Chilled Pandan Souffle. 
#whyshenogivemesome #mummysucks #itsnotreallyasouffle 
And we were pretty hopeful that we would be rewarded with yummy bites for putting on our best behaviour.
Of course that didn’t happen.
#unhappysam #bueysongface
Guess Pecan was still remaining hopeful.
Mummy managed to handle Pecan’s frustration by tucking her under the table away for the passing crowd.
Hence, ah ma didn’t even realise when dogs stroll by.
On top of that, we did stop by Pets’ Station prior to dinner to stock up on some treats to keep us busy and happy.
Service was quick and efficient and our terrible parents we finished dinner in less than an hour.
#starvingdogs #theyeatwenoeat #lifenofair
With the success of this dinner, I’m confident that Mummy will be getting more adventurous in the near future. 
Hopefully Pecan ah ma can keep it up.
If you’re looking for pet-friendly dining, no harm giving this place a shot!

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