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Quickie Art and Craft

Jack Russell Mania (JRM) is turning 13 this July.
To get us ready for the exciting celebrations, Mummy ordered two JRM bandanas just for us.
#ithinkiwearitbetterthanher #shhhhhdonttellherIsaidthat
Okay okay, I think we both look pretty cool in it. 
However, once we take it off, we won’t able to differentiate which belong to who. 
#ifIwearwronghow #hersissmellyleh #cosshesuredroolonit 
So, we attempted to mark our own bandanas with our own saliva.
#spotourlittletongues #howhygienichor
Thankfully the crafty (pun intended) Mummy had something up her sleeves.
It was a real quick fix. 
All she used were Martha Stewart stencils, satin paint, a sponge brush and a plastic container.
And viola~ our very own customised bandanas.
Not only does it look (and smell) good, it took Mummy less than five minutes. 
Doing an arty farty shot with them. 
#showingoff #cannotissit
Now people will know who we are when we attend the upcoming celebrations.
We sure can’t wait!
If you’re a JRT just like us, do join us for JRM’s 13th birthday!
Click here for more information.

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