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Pet IC for dogs

By a huge stroke of luck, I completed my second paying gig (hehehe..secret for now) yesterday!
To celebrate my fat little paycheck (or so I think, Daddy let out a pffft when he saw it though), I decided to buy the freeloader Pecan ah ma a round of drinks.
#gotmoneygotsay #daddycannotlookdownonmeanymore #samthebreadwinner
And of course, nothing beats a nice cold beer with some dog-friendly green lipped mussels from K9 Natural in this awful weather.
#enjoyinglife #celebrationsmustwearhatone #elsenootherchancetowearthem
So we did have a little more to drink… 
and possibly got a little tipsy and probably a little noisy.
I guess we did disturb the people, erm, I mean person around us a little. 
#whoelsebutgrumpydaddy #oopsydaisy #whoaskhimsleepintheroomneverclosedoor #notreallyourfaultleh
Not only did he give us a huge disapproving look, he started chiding us for underage drinking.
But hey, wait a minute.
We ain’t actually underage!
I mean Pecan is after all a granny and me, I’m a handsome mature dude.
To prove Daddy wrong, Mummy decided to whip out proof in the purest form – our Identify Cards.
Yap, you heard it right.
Our very own Pet IC.
Look clearly Daddy, we are both EXTREMELY legal.
Me is born in 2010. That makes me 5 this year. And using a dog age calculator, I am officially 36 years old. 
#ohmanIamasoldasdaddy #maybeishouldstartcallinghimbroinstead
As for Pecan….
She is actually 64 years old now.
#ohmasheisolderthangrandmummy #shereallyisancient
I guess we can’t really use human years as a gauge as by the time I am 21, I’m quite sure I will be six feet under.
Anyway, the Pet IC is really pretty cool.
Not only does it display our full names, it also includes breed and gender!
#notheydidnotspellterrierwrongly #mummywantedustobejackrussellterror 
It even indicates country of birth!
#techinicallyiwasborninUSA #meisfakesingaporean #cannotissit
The added touch of including pawprint was a huge bonus as well!
Our identification number comes in the form of Mummy’s mobile number while the address is where we’re staying now. (Duh)
This way, if we got lost, people who find us can contact Mummy or even bring us home directly if they are feeling extremely kind that day.
How clever.
We opted for the dog tag version as we wanted it to be easy to bring out. 
(Other options include magnets or keychains)
In our opinion, the tag is a tad big for us.
Thankfully, it is extremely light and doesn’t seem to bother us at all. 
That being said, it probably would fit a harness much better.
The tag ring provided was also a little large, thus Mummy had to use a ring from our other tags as a substitute. 
While the material is waterproof, the IC is a little fragile and flimsy, so I would definitely recommend taking good care of it. (E.g. removing it when your dog is at the dog park rough-housing)
Despite that, we are totally digging our new ICs. 
This way, no one is gonna ask us how old we are or what are we anymore! 
So brillant la.
Now that we’ve proven our age,
Round Two anybody?
PS: Thank you Uncle Ryan from My Pet IC for sending us our very own ICs. Now we feel like true blue Singaporeans. Maybe we can have our very own passports next time? hehehehehhe

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