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Paw Pet-radise is BACK!!

Our little fragile hearts died a little the day we learnt that Paw Pet-radise was closing.
Afterall, it was one of the first few pet cafes I went to. 
In fact, it took Pecan’s virginity (of pet cafe visits la) too lor.
#okaythatsoundsgross #tryingtobedramamama
We probably cramped in like… three visits in it’s last month of operation.
But but but….
You know what…. apparently, Mummy told us that Paw Pet-radise has reopened!
We couldn’t wait to get our little paws there!
Although it is still located at it’s original location (at Balestier), it got a little facelift!
The most noticeable difference, is the introduction of a solid partition at the entrance.
Say bye-bye to the flimsy gate!
No more greeting the new dog via a fence.
Not to mention that this is certainly more secured.
Gone are the large sofas as well!
With that outta way, there is more space for the dogs to wrestle and play.
Our parents did comment that the new furniture isn’t as comfortable though.
But seriously, like we care lor.
#wearemoreimportantthanyourbackside #wehappycanliao #deaddogalert
There is also a new retail corner!
So, no worries if your parents forget to pack along your treats, just head down and pick your heart out.
#toobadmummycamepreparedtoday #boohoohoo
The most exciting change for Mummy has to be the new menu!
In fact, it was a thorough revamp. 
No more western flair and instead, say hello to Asians Cuisines.
(Thai Milk Tea – which Mummy loved as it wasn’t overly sweet, Cheese Fries and Japanese Fried Chicken)
The reason my parents ended up with three mains was because Daddy is a *cough* loser *cough*.
He ordered the Soup Ramyun without realising that it was spicy. 
As a result, poor Mummy had to finish two mains herself, while Daddy got a replacement Bento set.
#loserman #howcanhecallhimselfasingaporeanwhenhedoesnoteatspicyfood
But hor, judging from Mummy’s face, I doubt she was complaining. 
I was pretty sure that they took back three empty bowls when clearing the table.
(Soupy Ramyun with Cheese, Beef Bibimbap and Terriyaki Chicken Bento)
Unfortunately for our little starving tummies, the pet food wasn’t ready that day.
Anyway, Paw Pet-radise will be serving delicious dog grub by the Superdog Kitchen.
Now we just need to convince Mummy to bring us down again.
#howtoresistthetarts #iswearpecanisdroolingjustlookingatthepicture #okayiadmitmetoo
Source: Paw Pet-radise Cafe Facebook Page
On top of the new look, we love how the sense of familiarity remains. 
Best of both worlds indeed.
Three cheers to the new Paw Pet-radise Cafe.
And without a doubt, I’m pretty sure we will be back here rather regularly.
Mummy’s note: Thumbs up for finally having a pet cafe that serves asian food! The beef bibimbap and soupy ramyun were really delicious. Even though my stomach was close to exploding, I actually finished both dishes. On the hand, Mr Lim found that the Terriyaki Chicken was a tad salty. We did feedback to the owner and on our second visit back since it reopened, he noticed that the saltiness no longer bothered him. (Yap, we have been there twice since it reopened. =P) The pricing has also gone up a little due the cost of ingredients. But seriously, with food this yummy, the price increase is hardly a deterence! 

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