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Dog-friendly staycation at the Regent

So I admit. 
I’ve been experiencing some sort of a writer’s block. 
That clearly explains the lack of post in the recent weeks.
#dontgiveuponme #thewriterinmeneedsabreakla
To help me recharge and re-gather my creative juices, our parents decided to check us into a dog-friendly hotel for a short getaway.
This time… they chose The Regent Singapore for our dog-friendly staycation!
The Regent Singapore allows up to two dogs per room, with a combined weight of not exceeding 35kg 15kg.
(APOLOGIES: We initially thought that it was 35kg as that was mentioned to us by the staff whom we spoke to over the phone. The kind people from Regent’s PR team dropped us an email to clarify that the weight limit is actually 15kg instead. Sorry about that!)
#blurmummy #mybad
Oh oh, best part of all, there isn’t any additional charges for having a pet (as cute as me) in the room.
Check-in was easy breezy. The only difference was that we had to fill up a pet policy form.
To make things even easier, we provided our ICs. 
#soprohor #theguydidntevenlookatitlor #yalaweareboliao
Pretty cool huh? More on that in another post!
To ensure that we had ample space to get around, Mummy insisted that we got a suite.
#mummyisdabest #daddynohappyalsonochoice 
Though we didn’t get an upgrade like we did during our Conrad stay, we did enjoy the extra living room for us to stretch our paws.
We were in love with the huge-ass king-sized bed.
#wehavetosqueezeonaqueenbedwithourparentsathomelor #ourtragiclittlelives
The bed was a little high for us to get up and down, so clever Mummy pushed an ottoman beside it.
Aiya, the truth was, she was so tired of constantly having to pick Pecan ah ma up. 
We were given a door tag to inform others that the terrors we were in the room. 
Oh, in case you’re wondering, of course Mummy took the tag home for keepsake.
Besides the tag, the hotel also provided us with a dog bed (in the form of a cushy pillow) and a dog bowl.
As dogs that sleep on our parents’ bed, we were clearly not impressed with the pillow.
But oh well, it was the thought that count!
We found our work corner and pretended to start work.
“Oi, don’t disturb us can?”
The room came with a little balcony, but it seemed a bit dusty, so Mummy decided to keep us in.
It was good for bird watching though as several Mynas came by to say hi.
Pecan ah ma actually attempted to dash at one of them.
Needless to say, she has a bump on her head.
We got pretty comfy and took to the hotel room also immediately.
Yap, even the bathtub.
Mummy was so happy when she learnt that the toiletries were all from L’Occitane.
Heng she wasn’t that auntie to pack those back.
All work and play makes Sammy and Pecan boring dogs.
Therefore, Mummy decided to make sure we had fun too, in the form of hide-and-seek!
The closet was a giveaway la. 
But this was… brilliant.
#sheisnotgonnafindmehere #whyisosmart
I was doing so well, until Pecan ah ma decided to join me.
Gosh, she can’t hide for her life man.
Like most other pet-friendly hotels, we were allowed at the lobby and elevators (leashed of course).
The staff were really friendly and we got tons of tummy rubs and pats from them!
#howtoresistus #toocuteislikethatone
Another reason why we really enjoy our staycations is that hotel guests (usually foreigners) are often more than happy to see us. So we were greeted with endless smiles during our walks. 
This is a far cry from our neighbourhood where we were usually shunned like the plague.
So sad, but so true.
Oh well.
Mummy did like that there were many grassy areas around the vicinity for us to settle our businesses. 
Plus, the fact that it’s a stone throw from Orchard Road meant that their meals were easily settled.
We did attempt to conquer Orchard Road but our parents gave up, no thanks to the heat and crowd.
Instead, we spent our afternoons at the nearby Botanic Gardens just chilling.
Not a bad trade-off I would say.
#ipeedatalmosteverytreethere #pecanahmabarkedatalmosteverydogthere #lifeaccomplishments
In addition, Dempsey Road isn’t that far off and there are several pet-friendly establishments for meals too.
All in all, it was a pretty awesome vacay and guess what, my creative juices are back and flowing!
So stay tuned for more posts!
Okay okay, will try to be more regular too.

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