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Keeping us busy

We know how pesky Jack Russells can be.
It is a constant fight for Mummy to keep us out of trouble. 
Despite weekly swims and multiple walks daily, we do still give Mummy dirty looks to express our boredom once in a while.
#entertainusorelse #thedeathstare #yeswearejudgingyou
That being said, combating our boredom is no easy feat.
In fact, it’s a major headache for Mummy. 
 Pecan and I are polar opposite. 
I am really smart. And I mean REALLY smart.
#whosaysselfpraiseisnopraise #itisthehighestofpraisesk
Give me a treat toy and I can figure it out in seconds.
#worsecometoworsejustusebrutestrengthlor #nothingmyjawscannotdefeat
On the other hand, Pecan ah ma is…let’s just say slow.
Unlike me, she doesn’t have the intellect (I mean) patience to overcome treat toys.
So while most toys work for me, they don’t do the same for her.
Toys that work for her, are like a yawn for me man.
Hence, it is a challenge for Mummy to find toys that can keep both of us occupied. 
But Mummy being Mummy (someone who is extremely obsessed with dog stuff) rose to the occasion and found these amazing toys to keep our naughty paws and noses out of trouble.
And here they are!!!
Let’s start with the..
Although it is designed as a modern interactive feeder for dogs who love to gulp down their food, it works equally well as a treat toy.
Mummy will randomly sprinkle some treats on it and leave us to work on it.
The Northmate Green is meant for dogs while the purple one is for cats.
The main difference (besides the colour, like duh~) is that the tuft of ‘grass’ for the feline bowl is higher and sharper. 
Hence, there is an increase in the level of difficulty for the purple bowl.
No prizes for guessing who gets the harder one.
#bringiton #isosmartitsnotaproblemlor
While googling the product, Mummy did read reviews about how the dog’s eye may be injured by the tuft. But so far, that isn’t a concern for us. 
After all, we do have rather long snouts and we’re relatively careful around it. 
But if you do have a short snout or over-excited pooch, supervision might be a good idea.
Up next…
Our Petprojekt Toys!
(We’ve the Holobal, the Holobal Football and the Holobon)
Made from 100 percent natural rubber, this is a surprisingly durable toy for its design.
Mummy started by purchasing only one as she was concerned about the ridges breaking under the pressure of our jaws.
But so far so good.
Okay, this toy is a little hit-and-miss for Pecan ah ma.
There are days that she goes ga-ga over it. And there are days (like in this video) that she wouldn’t give a hoot about it.
We did notice a decrease in her interest after she became toothless. Guess her jaw grip is weaker now.
#notsogoodforbogaydogs #menocomplain #guesswhogotthetreatsintheend #winwinforsam
Pecan on a good day.
#whosaysshecannot #sheiscanonelor
This is the…
Our trainer, Auntie Kristina, introduced the Snuffelmat to Mummy. 
This really cool rug is made of fleece strips that are weaved together. 
All you have to do is to hide treats between the strips and let your furkid do the rest of the work.
We would have to use our noses to sniff and hunt down the bites. 
#thesniffgame #puttingournosestowork 
Mummy absolutely love the sound of our sniffing noses when we work on this.
Definitely a toy that keeps our noses and brains stimulated!
#wearejudgingyourlousyphotographyskills #wehatetowait
It’s like a merry-go-round. 
In order to get to our treats, we have to chase them through the maze to the end where the gap is wide enough for us to scoop up the bites. 
#rawrrrrrrr #roundandroundandroundwego 
The Kyjen slow feeders actually come in various designs and sizes, but Mummy settled for the coral design for one simple reason – the colour.
And our favourite of the lot… (it’s Mummy’s personal fav too) is the..
This was also recommended to us by Auntie Kristina. 
It’s a pretty straightforward toy – just stuff treats in and let your pooch do the rest.
This is extremely perfect for the lazy stupid ah ma and the smart little Sammy. 
Although it can be rather challenging, the fact that she was able to see and taste the treat (little by little) allows her to keep going on. 
#goodforstupiddogslikeahma #goodforcleverdogslikeme
Best part of this toy is that it’s prefect for freezing!
Simply stick in some enticing treats (chicken and pork meat do wonders), pour some yoghurt over it and stick them into the freezer.
And voila~ 
It’s an awesome way to keep us busy for a good hour or so. 
The only down side… yoghurt beard.
But hey, who cares.
#pecanrockingthedishevelledlook #yoghurtbeardmakememanlyhor
Oh oh..and the most important reason why Mummy is as obsessed with all these toys as we are…
Yap, they are ALL dishwasher safe!
Except the snuffelmat of course.. but guess what, that is machine washable!

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  1. omg…omg… I am most attracted by the dishwasher, not the toys HAHAHAHAHA… i want a dishwasher 😛 … the toys are cool too. 😀


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