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Doggie Workout with K9FITbone

A recent visit to the vet confirmed Mummy’s fears…
Pecan ah ma’s body isn’t quite keeping up.
While it isn’t falling apart just yet, her joints are starting to display signs of stiffness.
The vet advised Mummy to minimise Pecan’s climbing of stairs and unnecessary jumping. Plus, should she show any signs of tiredness or reluctance to walk when we’re out, we should allow her to rest.
#idothatallthetimehowcomemummystillmakemewalk #lifenofair
Other than that, we were also sent home with the first of many bottles of glucosamine.
To be honest, Pecan is really an energetic ah ma and she is way more active than I am.
#iamnotlazy #iamjustchill
In addition, Mummy has done a couple of steps to keep her active and healthy.
Maintain lean weight –  Checked
#hengispecannotme #elseminewilluncheckandiwillbeputonadiet #hengman
Swimming – Checked.
Despite that, Mummy is still a tad worried that her little body might not keep up with her in future.
So, kiasu Mummy started doing some research on how else to strengthen her joints and muscles.
And with the recommendation from Auntie Kristina, 
she got us a K9FITbone.
The K9FITbone can help us develop strength, endurance, balance and flexibility through low-impact full-body conditioning.
Most importantly, it can help strengthen our core muscles.
#canyouimaginesamwithsixpecs #nowthat’smyaiminlife #begonelittlebelly
With a stronger core, Pecan will be able to take stress off her limbs and joints. It also protects the back making it less susceptible for injuries too. 
It came with instructions for a few simple exercises.
So we decided to put it to the test.
Balancing act.
Looks easy doesn’t it?
The truth was my muscles were actually trembling a little.
Hehehe, of course I got lazy tired and decided to rest on the bone!
My core is so strong that I can even lay on it lor.
Guess I wasn’t alone.
To Mummy’s surprise, we absolutely love the K9FITbone!
(Okay, more of the treats that come with it)
And just a few simple exercise actually got us exhausted really quickly!
Besides that, there are plenty of benefits of using it!
A bonus – we can even share one!
Just a few short days and Mummy is already noticing that our cores are stronger!
We always knew this trick called “Sit Pretty“. 
After working on the K9FITbone, Mummy noticed that our Sit Pretty has become much more competent!
#pecanischeatingbyleaningonthecouch #iamsayingthiscoshersitprettyisbetterthanmine
Keep a lookout for a toner and muscular Sam and Pecan soon!
Mummy’s note: We were planning to order it from the US website when we realised that SuperNova Academy is the local distributor! Not only do we save on shipping, we got it within a day of ordering.

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