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Cushion us!

We all know Mummy is kinda obsessed with us.
And I’m sure if she can choose, she would keep us on the couch as decor.
#wetoocutela #wemakethebesthomeaccents
Plus, she wants to be able to hug us day and night…
But we all know it’s impossible. (Phew~)
#shecanconsidertaxidermisinguswhenwepass #iamsuredaddywilldivorceherthen
So she decided to settle for the next best thing.
And it comes in a box….
Introducing the cushion version of us!
Mummy first saw this illustrator on Dog-Milk and immediately wanted one, i mean two. 
She had always wanted a pillow version of us and did go as far as to print a silk-screen version of me.
However, she realised that the end product is highly dependent on the quality of the photo.
And since she is a sucky photographer, of course it didn’t turn out very well.
Hence, these cushions from Kara Burke are a win-win.
Firstly, she gets yet another illustration of us.
Secondly, she gets to hug the cushion version of us!
#hengah #noneedtocuddlewithherinthisshittyheat
Well, since these cushions have officially replaced us on the couch…
We have no other choice but to sit in the box they came in..
Le sigh.. any couch wanna adopt us?
PS: If you come by and visit us the next time and we refuse to let you hug, please feel free to hug the cushion us! 
Just don’t take us along.

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