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Sam’s Pick: Animology

The kind people at Pet Lovers Centre dropped us an email to ask if we were keen to review their products.
You know we’ll never say no.
#cheapomummy #neversaynotofree #daddypockethappy
This time, we tried our paws on one of PLC’s exclusive products –  the Animology Shampoo.
All the way from the UK, it is an multi award winning brand that is trusted by groomers and animal care professionals around the world!  
Mummy is a sucker for branding. So she was sold the instant she saw the packaging.
Besides that, there is a wide range of products for dogs of all sizes, skin and coat types.
We were so spoilt for choice that Mummy took so long to decide which two products to test out.
After like FOREVER, she decided to give the White Wash Shampoo a shot.
It is specially concocted for white dogs and has been developed using a low foam formula that makes it quick and easy to rinse while reducing the chances of any irritation.
It also comes with a built-in conditioner, which means that lazy mummy didn’t have to rinse us twice.
Needless to say, that made her rather happy.
#welookhideousintheshowercapsman #willsmilefortreats #ihatemylife
True enough, the shampoo is really gentle and we didn’t mind when Mummy used it to scrub our faces.
It really rinses off easily and within minutes, we were done.
Mummy also took this chance to try out the new shower robes she bought for us at the JRM auction.
#ahmatryingtoactsexy #ilooklikeadumpling
Don’t we just look so sparkling white?
On one hand, Mummy felt that the scent wasn’t strong enough. (By the next day, there were barely any traces of the scent.)
However, she did feel that we might be more comfortable with the lack of an overpowering scent.
Afterall, we really ain’t fond of smelling like a walking flower. 
So, if you’re looking for a mild smelling shampoo, this is certainly a must try.
We also had the best opportunity to put the stain removal function of the shampoo to test.
My recent gig (heheheh…will reveal more in a future post) required me to put on some makeup. 
However, the first time it happened, it took us three thorough washes to rid it completely. 
So, Mummy wanted to see how efficient the White Wash shampoo would be.
And O.M.G…after just one wash….
I was as good as new.
#mummywassuperhappyla #shegrinsowideuntilshelooklikejokerlor
Test Passed (with flying colours too man).
Of course, if your dogs, like us, love to rub on god-knows-what to smell funky, there’s always a nourishing spray to help musk the scent.
#menohappycosirathersmellsmelly #pecannocareasusual
Mummy chose the Dogs Life Nourishing Spray as she wanted to give us a clean and fresh look.
Like the shampoo, she did feel that the scent didn’t linger as long as others we’ve tried, but she really liked how light and easy it is to use.
In addition, it was able to musk whatever stinky smell we picked up.
#foiledourplan #wewilltryharder
So, if you’re looking for a line of mild-smelling and effective grooming products, why not give Animology a shot?

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