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Woof-A-Thon on 12 April 2015!

We’re very honoured to be invited to participate in Woof-a-thon, the first pet walkathon organised by Singapore Heart Foundation!
When: Sunday, 12 April 2015
Time: 4pm to 7pm
Where: Bishan Park, Grand Lawn 1 (Opposite Dog Run Area)
We all know exercising is great for our health. So why not make it fun by doing it with our pets.
This is exactly what this event is about!
Woof-a-thon aims to advocate the cardiovascular benefits associated with walking, a low-impact physical activity which pet owners are more inclined to partake.
#suddenlysoknowledgeable #seeiamsmartone #ionlypretendtobestupid #pecanisreallystupid #itakefrompressreleaseonela
Although registration for the Buddy walk has closed for pet owners, participants without pets are still welcome to join in the walk for free!
No worries if you’ve pets (and have missed the opportunity to register), there are many other exciting things happening on the spot as well.
Needless to say, we are really looking forward to a nice day out with our parents. 
Pecan ah ma can’t wait to show off her cool sneakers. 
As for me….
I’m stuck with these disgusting lamb booties.
I know it’s the year of the lamb, but it doesn’t mean that I’ve to be in lamb costume day in day out.
Guess I probably should spend the week convincing Mummy that these ugly shoes ain’t such a good idea.
Anyway, don’t forget to put on your walking shoes and catch us there!
We’ll be waiting!

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