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Pet Expo 2015

Hehehe, the most exciting weekend for pooches living in Singapore is here! 
‘Cos it’s PET EXPO 2015.
And we went a little cray-cray there today.
#justalittlecraycray #ourloot #pleasedonottelldaddy 
Yap, Mummy is THAT obsessed with us.
As we wanted to beat the crowd (parking woes especially), Mummy decided to bring us there on the first day. 
We waited patiently (not) while Mummy went to collect our tickets.
This was Pecan ah ma’s first Pet Expo and she was loving it. 
As for me, (I was here last year to help Mummy out with her work then) I’m loving how much bigger the fair is this time round.
Not only are there more exhibitors, the variety has increased!
We started by taking a look at the whole place and planning where to drag Mummy to.
Of course, our first stop just had to be….
the Tiny Krew Booth! 
To meet the love of my life – Jager!!!!!
I missed him so much la.
#pecanonlywantedtodrinkfromhiswaterbowl #shenocareabouthim
Once we said our “His” and exchanged some kisses (hehehe, I shy la), we started our shopping spree~
This was our half-time photo….
#pecanapproved #samcannotbelieveit
Shopping sure was exhausted. 
So we pitched a tent and took a little break.
I wish. 
We simply shamelessly took shelter at Jager’s booth and took ownership of the tent for a good ten minutes. 
#wetesting #theyputtheresoweuselor #theynosaycannot
Once we recharged, we continued with part two of our shopping spree.
“Why is Pecan on the poster?!”
No la. That’s actually Bella!
We stopped by Howlistic Life to say hi to Auntie Pauline and decided to hop onto their centre stage.
Kinda keeping our fingers crossed that we made it on time for their carnivore feeding time.
“How come no food!?”
#tiofaked #theybluffme #breakourlittlehearts
Since we were there, we decided to buy some stuff too. 
Taking a break while waiting to checkout.
Pecan did come with an agenda today though.
After costing Mummy a good four-digits on her recent teeth extraction, Pecan had to earn her keep to pay her debts by working part-time at Barking Good!
#pleasesupporther #bogayahmaatwork
No la. 
Mummy is NOT that cheapo. (She is just a teeny weeny bit)
She actually went to collect the sampler set we pre-ordered online!
#iwassleepingsomewhere #samiseatingsnake
We also went to say hi to my favourite Daycare person, Auntie Ashley from Wooga!
Hehehe, and of course to give her our support for her new line of air-dried treats, Bites.
Most importantly, we got tons of pats and treats from her!
#theysayIamthebestjackrusselltheyhavemetlor #theylovemelor
Oh oh, and we met a new brunch of friends!
After a good four hours of scouting for deals and stocking up for god-knows-what, we were pooped.  
But oh boy was it fun!!!!!!
Presenting our loot!
#donotaskmehowmuchwespent #younowanttoknow 
Kanoodles, Merrick & Primal treats and Espree Ear Cleaner from B2K Pet Products – Booth E01
PawFact Sample treats – Cafe 2
GEX Bowl and Zuke’s Treats from Rein Biotech – Booth G05
K9 Natural and Dear Deer treats from Howlistic Life – Booth C13
Jax and Bone Business Buddy and Flying Pig Squeaky Toy from Tiny Krew – Booth B15
Barking Good Sample Set – Cafe 5
Grass-fed Venison and Veal treats, Fur-Refresh and Tick Repellant from Wooga – Booth B10
Beef Tendons, Turkey Jerky and Chicken & Beef Bratwurst from The Barkery – Booth A06
And our favourite loot of the day is none other than…
yet another  a Fuzzyard Bed from Howlistic Life!
It sure is a timely purchase. 
Now we each have an awesome bed to rest our tired paws.
Hooray to PET EXPO!
Hehehe, a little birdie told us that we might be swinging by again this Sunday!!!
Time to ask Grandmummy for some money to buy treats to fill our little tummies again!
Pet Expo 2015 is happening this entire weekend!
So don’t forget to drag your parents out of the house to Expo Hall 8 for the awesome deals!

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