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GDAB Dog Challenge (25 April 2015)

We had a blast at Woof-a-thon last weekend. 
So when the Guide Dog Association of the Blind (GDAB) contacted us about an upcoming outdoor event, we just couldn’t say no!
We all know how important our eyes are to us. 
Without the gift of sight, there are many things that we will not be able to do. 
Unfortunately, there are some among us that are not as blessed as we are.
That’s where guide dogs come in. These noble animals dedicate their lives to being the shield, companion and eyes to their visually impaired handler.
The International Guide Dogs Day is a day to recognise the importance of guide dogs within our society. 
In line with the International Guide Dogs Day, GDAB is organising their very first GDAB Dog Challenge on 25 April 2015 at Bishan Park, Activity Lawn 1. They are hoping to raise $100, 000 which will be used for the training of the blind and visually impaired as well as their guide dog programmes. 
The GDAB Dog Challenge will consist of a 1.5km walk with some obstacles (such as hurdle jumps, tyre jumps, tunnel and many more) along the way for pet owners and their furry pals to overcome together. 
Not only will it be tons of fun, it is also a great opportunity for owners and their furkids to bond.
Shhhh… don’t tell people but we practise first k.
Besides the challenge, there will be other contests, performances (live music!) and lucky draws too! 
You can also treat your furkid to a canine massage by Paws Fur Life after a good workout. 
And hor, the best part of all… there’s FREE ice cream and drinks for everyone.
Register now and you can stand a chance to win a pet hotel package at Sunny Heights (OUR FAVOURITE POOL PLACE!). Of course, participants will also receive a goodie bag worth $60. 
(Each registration ($38) admits one dog owner and one dog!)
No worries if you don’t have a dog, you’re also welcomed to participate!
#oryoucanborrowahma #dontneedtoreturnone
To be honest, I’m pretty inspired by the awesome guide dogs.
#myhero #iwanttobeonewhenigrowup #waitiamalreadygrownup #chey
Mummy told me that it takes as long as two years to train a playful pup into a responsible guide dog.
So I guess I ain’t gonna make the cut. 
Oh well….
In the meantime, I’ll just do my part in guiding the senile old lady around the obstacles at the GDAB Dog Challenge. 
I guess that counts?
See you there!!!

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