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A Dear Deer Party!

We’re extremely lucky that Auntie Pauline from Howlistic Life has very generously offered to sponsor our little tummies with food and treats!
After all, we have been long term fans of the many products that her company carries.
*wriggly dance*
When she sent some of the goodies over, we were over the moon and just had to whip out our party hats and CELEBRATE~~
We had always been fans of Dear Deer treats! 
I mean…look at them! 
How to say no?!
This was seriously how happy we looked all day while Mummy was busy styling the treats.
Here are some reasons why we are such huge fans.
#yapmummyiscrazyenoughtocreateaninfographicsforthis #shehastoomuchtimeonherhands
Here’s what we got our paws on!
(and this isn’t even the full range!)
Some tips:
If you have an aggressive chewer (or an annoying pooch that wouldn’t leave you alone), we strongly recommend the deer ribs, kneecaps and sinew!
And yap, no kidding man. The Deer Kneecap is probably the only thing that can keep me busy for more than an hour!
It is that challenging. 
But if you’ve a toothless senior (aka. bogay ah ma) or a pup that just isn’t a fan of chewing, the jerky, heart, kidney, liver and nuggets are great options!
They can also be easily broken up to be used as training treats.
#wegogagaforthem #iwillrepeatmywholetricksrepertoirejusttogetonepiece #yapmylifeispathetic
I was seriously considering which to start first. 
Of course, Pecan ah ma wanted all of them.
“Can we start now?”
And judging from this…
Yap, our little tummies were more than satisfied.
Hehe, so make your pups happy by giving them a Dear Deer treat today!!!!
And if you’ve extras to spare (which we highly doubt so), please send it this way!

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