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Car Safety 101

Okay la, this isn’t exactly Car Safety 101. 
Mummy recently made some changes to the way we travel in the car and guess what… 
we’re absolutely loving it!
This was how we used to ride – shotgun. 
And we absolutely loved it, even though our combined weight always triggers the annoying seatbelt warning beep. 
#inotfat #Iisbigboned #itispecan’sfault
Best part of car rides then, was when we got to peep out and enjoy a nice breeze.
Sam: “The guy is eating an ice-cream!!!”
Pecan: “Where? Where?”
But things ain’t the same in the Loo Lim Household anymore.
It started with a convo between Mummy and Auntie Kristina (Pecan’s trainer). Auntie Kristina was sharing about how a car seat restraint for her dog possibly saved his life when she got into an accident with him in the car. 
And that got Mummy thinking. 
In addition, Mummy always judges people who let their kids (especially toddlers and infants) sit on their laps, instead of on child seats.
Of course, she would quietly remind herself that she was guilty as well.
More importantly, she was getting frustrated with our nose art (Yap, wet dog nose on windows create works of art) and our marathon shedding which ensured that there was hair in every single corner of the car. 
So she went ahead and got us seatbelts.
But we were no impressed.
We hated being robbed of our freedom, being confined to the back seat and no longer being able to look out of the window and bark at other dogs. 
#samthrowingatantrum #Inotlookingatthecamerauntilyouletmego
Seeing how uncomfortable we were also distracted Mummy from driving. 
When she turned back to check on us at traffic stops, it was not uncommon to find me tangled up or ah ma with one leg out of her harness. 
Moreover, we were still shedding everywhere. 
Realising that this was hardly the solution, she went online to do some research and got us these!
(She bought it off Amazon and arranged to have them shipped to us via Borderlinx.)
In addition, she also got us a Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Harness to make sure we were comfortable throughout the ride. 
The booster seat is collapsible and extremely easy to fit.
#idiotmummycandoitherself #socanyou
Although it is really lightweight, it can actually hold up to 30lbs!
The booster seat has a tether (that can be secured onto the car’s actual seatbelt) that can be hooked on to our harness.
In addition, not only can it contain our shedding, the liner and pad is machine washable, allowing mummy to keep the seat fresh and clean!
Initially Mummy was a tad worried that I might not fit in (based on reviews on Amazon). 
Hence, she was really pleased to see that I could sit in it nicely. 
Guess she ain’t the only happy one. 
Pecan ah ma was rather pleased as well.
In fact it is big enough for her to lay down comfortably. 
Mummy and Daddy would joke that we have left her behind cos we can hardly see her when she lies down.
The only issue with the booster seat is that it comes with a buckle that had to be wrapped around the seat of the car. 
As a result, it had to be secured on either the front seat or the smaller side of a 60/40 split bench seat. 
That meant that… unless you’ve a SUV, the booster seat would only be useable on the front seat.
Lucky for us, Gin, our Toyota Rush, has a split bench seat behind. 
So that was where ah ma went (obviously). 
And in case you’re wondering, yap, we can definitely see out of the window!
Okay la, Pecan is a bit short. 
#shortisshortla #hengIamABCD 
But no worries, it can be adjusted.
The sitting arrangement was pretty ideal, when Mummy is driving alone. 
It gets a tad weird when Daddy is in the car too and has to sit behind with ah ma. 
So Mummy proceeded to move me behind. 
Technically, the buckle isn’t long enough to be wrapped around the back side, but with a little bit of stretching and squeezing, it can actually be done. 
(Though a buckle extension would be a way better idea.)
Here we are both at the back, but happy nonetheless.
#nowwecanbitchbehindourparentsbackinthecar #likeliterally
So yap, now we’re on board, happy and most importantly, safely secured.


  1. i love the last picture! and i didnt realis the booster seat was hanging from the seat. thought it's ON the seat. no wonder you said you could still look out of the window!


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