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Barking Good: Pee-Can-Bites

Anyway, some of you may know that our dearest Pecan ah ma went for a dental scaling recently. 
We knew that Pecan ah ma’s scaling was due. But Mummy was rather hesitant as she really did not want to put Pecan under anaesthesia if possible.
However, after consulting with as many as four different vets, Mummy got the consensus that the procedure was a necessity.
Oh well~ 
So in ah ma went. (And out went $1.2k from Daddy’s pocket!)
Pecan isn’t the most cooperative pooch at the vet (she’s a pain like me!). 
#likebrotherlikesister #cannotletthevetbullyuslor
So during the initial consultation, Mummy was told that at least three teeth needed to be extracted.
There might be more, just that the vet couldn’t tell as of then.
But what Mummy didn’t expect was that these many teeth had to go….
YAP, they all belonged to Pecan.
In case you’re wondering how many came out….
Mummy wanted to keep them, so the vet obliged and packed it for us. 
#weirdsouvenirs #cankeepiscankeepjustnotonpecan
While Pecan’s bad breath is finally something of the past after the extraction, she is officially toothless.
#bogayahma #twopawscancounthowmanyteethshehasleftlor
It’s about time someone seriously invented doggy dentures lor.
And ah ma will look like this.
Okay… on second thoughts… bad idea.
She looks…. retarded.

Jokes aside, it was really very heartbreaking for Mummy to see Pecan with so few teeth.
Many of the treats that she used to adore were starting to be a chore for her to eat.
And we could see her frustration as she laid on the floor staring at them.
#guesswhogotthetreatsintheend #menocomplain

So, Mummy went ahead and contacted Auntie Dionne from Barking Good for a special request – toothless friendly treats just for the bogay ah ma.
And after a few email discussions and a couple of weeks, viola~
Mummy came home with these!
Introducing, Pee-can bite…
so can you!
#howcornycanmummyget #cmi #facepalm
Pecan: “Is it just for me?”
Sam: “Say what?! How about me”
Auntie Dionne is an absolute sweetheart. She specifically asked Mummy for a list of meats that Pecan ah ma loves. (She so greedy, anything also eat lor)
With that, she went on to bake these out-of-the-world bites just for Pecan.
#lifenofair #inottoothlesscaneathor
Not only do we know what ingredients went into creating this yummy bites, there is absolutely no preservatives or additives present.
As a result, these treats have a rather limited shelf life (up to a week).
But seriously, that is hardly a problem lor.
We also love love LOVE that it comes in the shape of a paw!
How awesome is that!
If you’re wondering how it taste….
Now you see it,
Now you don’t.
I was watching the entire process like a hawk cos to be honest, I wasn’t sure if Mummy would offer me any. since these treats were specially created for Pecan.
But lucky for me, I got my fair share.
Guess Ah ma becoming toothless isn’t such a bad thing after all.
Thank you Auntie Dionne for making Pecan (and my not-so-little tummy) so happy!
More orders are coming your way~
If you’ve senior pooches like Pecan that can no longer chew on hard treats, why not give these bites a shot! 
We’re 101% sure they’re gonna love it.
Of course, if they don’t, please send them this way!


  1. Hi! She went to Jireh Vet. I think they did a pretty good job with her and the price was reasonable. They did end up extracting way more teeth than we were expecting, but i guess it really had to be done. -_-


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